You have adopted agile working practices.
You need a solution to manage your tests. 

Squash is interfaced with Jira, #1 tool dedicated to software development for agile working team. The link is made through the free plugin Xsquash, to enable you to manage tests in agile teams.

Detailed features:
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Thanks to Xsquash, a seamless integration with Jira, without changing your working habits. 

Jira remains the tool to design your need (epics, user-stories...), sprints and releases. Squash is the tool to optimize the management of your test repository.

Squash helps you to adopt best practice in terms of testing activities from the beginning of your project. The aim is to make easier the transition to the maintenance phase, by considering any methodological and organizational change (for instance: transition from scrum to Kanban, transition to external QA, turn over…).

A relevant and scalable solution for your projects and company needs.

With Squash and Xsquash, tests, executions, and test related data are managed by Squash: system workload is not depending upon your Jira instance. That will let you consider a company scale implementation.

This Squash implementation is simplified by the fact Squash is customizable to various methodologies (agile, waterfall), various project phase (initial development, evolutions, maintenance), various kinds of test (acceptance tests, functional tests, non-regression tests, end-to-end tests…), with or without automation. 

Test automation to keep the pace of agile cycles. 

Short development cycles and repeated deliveries are integral part of agile development. Test automation allows you to deeply and frequently execute non-regression tests to focus test effort on the latest developed features.


With Squash, you will be able to automate your tests with the technology and the approach of your choice (keywords-driven approach with Cucumber and Robot Framework, with JUnit native code or with commercial studios such as UFT and Ranorex). Once your test is automated, you can run an automated execution from Squash or from your CI/CD. Execution results are directy displayed in Squash and are shared into Jira.   

Test out on our demo instance.

1. Click here to access Squash

2. Enter

  • login: Xsquash

  • password: password

3. Click here to access Jira

4. Enter:

  • login : Xsquash

  • password: password

5. Let's get started!

And if you need help, follow this tutoriel article step by step.

Try on our demo instance:
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