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Report a bug
or make an evolution request

Video ressources
Documentation, forum, bugtracker and source code

You have noticed a bug while using Squash? You want to send us an evolution request?

Don't hesitate to let us know to help us improve our app! 

a bug


an evolution


To report a bug or request an evolution, it couldn't be easier:

  • Go to the GitLab page by clicking on one of the 2 icons just to the left

  • Click on the blue “New issue” button at the top right

  • Log in if necesary

  • Write the title of the bug or evolution request

  • Select "Issue" in the "Type" field

  • Select "bug-template" or "evol-template" according to your needs in the "Description" field

  • Write a precise description of the bug or evolution request

  • Click on “Create issue”

Thanks for your help :)

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