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Automation with Squash

You own an automated test asset or you plan to automate your test asset?

You are looking for a tool to manage your automated test asset as efficiently as your manual test asset while still having the freedom to choose an automation framework?

Squash can be interfaced with the main automation frameworks so it allows you to run and manage your automated test plans in an Agile or traditional environment.

Why Squash?

Why Squash?

Squash supports you throughout the entire life cycle

of your automated software testing:

Squash supports you every step of the way throughout the software testing lifecycle: implementation, execution, evaluation and planning
Manage your automated tests the same way you manage your manual tests, and benefit from all the advantages of Squash

A solution to use automated tests on the same level as manual tests.

Within Squash TM, automated tests are managed in the same way as manual tests and benefit from the same advantages: asset structuring, synergy with Jira...

The many Squash-compatible automation frameworks available provide you with a wide range of choices for automating your tests

A tool which gives you the freedom to choose your automation framework.

Squash philosophy is to adapt itself to your needs, so we made sure it can be interfaced with most automation frameworks.
Supported frameworks: Cucumber, Robot Framework, JUnit, UFT, Ranorex, Agilitest (available in 2021).

Squash intuitive interface allows you to share your Cucumber or Robot Framework implementations in a BDD approach

Squash supports your BDD approach (Behavior Driven Development).

Regarding BDD test cases, Squash Autom offers you an intuitive interface to write your scripts and provides you with an action word dictionary to share a common vocabulary between the different actors of the project and to mutualize your Cucumber or Robot Framework implementations.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Design your test asset

Set up your automated test asset in Squash TM:​

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Automate using the studio of your choice

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Run your automated Squash TM test plans

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1. Run your automated test plan from Squash TM at the click of a mouse thanks to Squash Autom orchestrator.

2. Launch your test plans from your pipeline, thanks to CI Jenkins or thanks to the dedicated Squash DevOps service of the Squash Autom orchestrator.

Try and start

Try and start

Test out our demo instance:

1. Click here to access Squash

2. Enter login and password (you will find the login info on the welcome page of the demo)

3. Go into the Test Case workspace (navigation bar on the left-hand side, 2nd button).

4. In the tree structure, click on the “Xsquash4Jira - Sandbox” project.

5. Click on [+], then [New BDD test case]

6. Let's go!

Try on your own instance: 

Discover our Squash offer and contact us for more information or to start your free 30-day trial of “Squash in SaaS mode”.

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