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Do you want to try Squash?
So let's go!

Try Squash on our shared demo instance

You access our shared demo instance of Squash, and you get started immediately discovering the app by exploring the projects we have created for you. You can also have fun and create your own data.

This instance is already connected to Mantis, Jira and GitLab, so you can test synchronization with these tools.

Instant access

No payment method required

Ask for your private instance

We provide you with a private instance, deployed especially for you.

You can configure and test the app with your own data and projects, and check that Squash meets your needs. You can also test the app's synchronization by connecting your Jira or GitLab projects by your own.

This instance is made available to you in SaaS for 30 days. 

No payment method required

Do you want to go further? Do you have any questions about our instances?

Do not hesitate to contact Hoevi, she is here to help you!

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