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Become a Squash partner

Why do we develop a partnership program? 

Promote the transition from the open source version to the commercial one

Guarantee the successful Squash implementation by software firms and provide guidance to final users

Support complex or customized implementations that are not taken over by Henix 

The process

Have you identified customers who would benefit from implementing Squash? Or do you know customers who would benefit from upgrading from the open-source version of Squash (Community version) to the commercial version of Squash (Premium version)? Our partner program is designed to allow you to be supported in these projects!

Submit the list of accounts you have identified with potential benefits for your clients. Together, we will focus on the added value Squash would bring, and determine the actions that can be implemented as part of a partnership agreement.

Examples of possible support upstream of the project:

  • Support from our Squash team during your pre-sales presentations

  • Help to improve your Squash skills

Examples of possible support during the project phase:

  • Dimensioning / infrastructure

  • Data migration from a tool to Squash, especially from ALM / Quality Center

Join Squash Partner Program: 

Merci pour votre envoi !

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