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Testing with the
Squash-GitLab platform

The power of Squash & GitLab integration

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Everything you need to know about the Squash-GitLab integration

EN simple screenshot

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Ancre 1

Synchronize GitLab objects in the requirements repository

EN zoom 1.PNG

Map GitLab Epics*, Milestones, Iterations and Issues to Squash test requirements - Speeds up tests definition by using already synchronised test requirements

Ensure full traceability of GitLab Issues - Associate test cases to synchronized requirements

  * Available in futures versions of Squash and GitLab

Ancre 2

Design your functional tests

EN zoom 2_edited.jpg

Describe your manual and automated tests - For a homogeneous test repository

Generate Cucumber and Robot Framework scripts for BDD test cases - Enables guaranteeing the match of functional automated tests to their specifications

Ancre 3

Plan test execution

FR zoom 3.PNG

Tailor manual and automated test plans using wizards - Easy identification of test cases to cover a scope of Issues, Iterations or Milestones


Integrate automated test execution in the CI/CD pipeline

Define and customize a quality gate for the CI/CD pipeline - Complement your safety analyses and enable you to focus on critical, relevant tests and results, regardless of flaky tests

Run functional tests

EN zoom 4.PNG

Access test results, reports and quality-gate in GitLab - Secure go-to production by allowing stakeholders to have full picture of the situation


Report in the merge requests the functional quality gate outcome - Prevents the merge of functionally app-breaking code increments


Declaration of anomalies right from Squash as GitLab Issues - Allows QA to create templated Issues automatically pre-filled with test data to facilitate communication with the dev team

Link found anomalies to the original Issues* - The release management has a full picture for the go/no go of the feature

   * Available in futures versions of Squash and GitLab

Ancre 4

Test-oriented features
of the platform

User stories

Synchronization of GitLab user stories as requirements in Squash and reporting of indicators in these US

Test details and results

Access to tests details and results in GitLab (available with the future release of GitLab custom Work Items)

Test asset

Reference in Squash of the automated test assets stored in GitLab

Group 4 (3).png


Synchronization of GitLab epics in Squash and reporting of indicators in these epics (available upon release of Squash 7.0)


Declaring pre-populated anomalies with test data from Squash in GitLab


Quality gate

Launch of a test plan from CI/CD and definition of pipeline continuation/stopping criteria (quality gate) according to test results


Execution plans

Design of execution plans in Squash from a scope of user stories



Management of test automation using a workflow, association of scripts to test cases and generation of Robot Framework or Cucumber scripts for BDD test cases


CI/CD reports

Access to test results and reports (available at the end of 2023) and to the quality gate result in CI/CD 

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