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Roadmap Squash TM

Version 2.0

Status: under development
Release date: 05/31/2021

  • Redesign and modernization of the interface

  • To see an overview of this future interface, you can watch our last Webinar on the subject:


Latest release

Version 1.22

Status: released version (latest stable version)
Release date: 12/31/2020

Release note 1.22.0

Release note 1.22.1

Release note 1.22.2

(If you are upgrading to 1.22.2, consider passing the embedded upgrade script:


  • Management of test cases in BDD format and library of actions
    This new test case format is based on Gherkin syntax and allows you to write your BDD scenarios using a simple and intuitive interface.
    The actions contained in the test steps can be varied and reused in test cases from different projects.
    During their transmission to the automation engineer, the scripts associated with the BDD test cases are converted into a format corresponding to the target implementation technology (Cucumber or Robot Framework). The choice of technology has no impact for the user when writing test cases.

  • Action library plugin (included in the Squash AUTOM license)
    This Squash TM plugin compatible with version 1.22 allows you to manage the actions contained in the test cases in BDD format in a new workspace. From this workspace, it is notably possible to consult the test cases using an action and the information related to its implementation.
    This plugin also facilitates the writing of test cases in BDD format by offering the user auto-completion with the actions already present in the library and corresponding to his entry.

  • Consultation of automated suites
    In terms of iterations and test suites, a new tab allows you to view the history of automated suites (set of automated tests launched at the same time).
    For each automated suite, the user can consult the overall execution status, the details of the tests executed and access the execution report for all the tests.

  • API administration
    Squash's functional administration features are now available in a dedicated Rest API

  • Xsquash4Jira
    Xsquash4Jira now has its own API which allows you to configure the plugin (requires the administration API plugin to work)

  • Xsquash (Server and Cloud)
    The latest version of Xsquash takes into account the display of test cases in BDD format.
    The automation status of the tests and the name of the datasets have also been added respectively to the tabs "Squash TM test cases" and "Squash TM executions"


Version history

Version 1.21

Status: published version
Release date: 12/24/2019

Release note 1.21.0

Release note 1.21.1

Release note 1.21.2
Release note 1.21.3

Release note 1.21.4

  • Xsquash:

    • Globally or individually deactivate / activate synchronizations (XSQUASH4JIRA)

    • Link to Jira PCs in Synchronized Requirements (XSQUASH4JIRA)

    • Xsquash configuration by Jira project (XSQUASH)

    • Setting up tabs in Jira (XSQUASH)

    • "SQTM test case" tab with the status of the last execution (XSQUASH)

    • Squash executions tab TM comments of execution steps (XSQUASH)

  • Jira automation workflow (new plugin):

    • Outsource the test automation workflow in Jira

  • Administration:

    • Add the option "Can run a script" in the job association popup

    • Squash public URL configuration

  • Requirements:

    • Modify the update date of the requirements if certain elements are modified

  • Test case:

    • Modify the date of update of the CdT if modification of the test steps

  • Campaigns:

    • Add a "Progress status" field in the "Description" block of an iteration

    • Add a "Statistics" block in the "Information" tab of an iteration

    • Modify the update date of the suites if certain elements are modified

    • Modify the update date of the iterations if certain elements are modified

    • Modify the update date of the campaigns if certain elements are modified

  • Piloting:

    • Personal Campaign Export - Scope extended to iterations and suites

    • Custom export - export run ID

    • Custom export - export the CUFs of the test steps

  • API:

    • Order of ITPI

    • Manage permission groups on a project from API

  • Git plugin:

    • Make the SquashTM commiter's email address configurable during transmission in Git

  • AD / LDAP:

    • Configure a service account to browse AD

    • Modification of AD plugin configuration files

    • Modifying LDAP plugin configuration files

  • Jira bugtracker plugin:

    • Automatically fill in the 'Reporter' field

    • Leave the fields empty or value them by "None" by default


Version 1.20.0

Status: published version (obsolete version)
Release date: 07/11/2019
Release note

  • Test cases:

    • A called test case is placed under a selected test step

    • The performances of test case import have been optimized 

  • Campaigns:​

    • The tests contained in an iteration can be executed one following the other

    • Datasets are now transmitted when an automated test is executed

    • The assignation field is now as follows: first name, surname (login)

    • Custom fields associated with a test case cannot be modified anymore during execution

    • A block named « Custom fields » has been added in the consultation page of an execution 

    • The problem that occurred when a great number of automated tests were launched has been resolved

  • Management:

    • The campaign export is now customizable (columns and perimeter can be chosen)

    • Test case report: You can print the custom fields of your test steps (whether they are from called test cases or not), the custom fields of parameters, and the custom fields of datasets.

    • Requirement report: The last requirement version can now be printed

    • The time it takes to generate a report has been optimized.

  • Administration:

    • Indexing has been suppressed

  • Cross-functional:

    • Search reliability and search response time have been improved

    • The bugtracker credentials are now saved 

    • The API has been enhanced

    • The additional attributes of SAML assertions can now be managed

  • Xsquash4Jira:​

    • Squash tab – The test cases and executions for Gherkin test cases are now listed 

  • Automation:

    • From now on, a test case in Squash TM is automatically linked to an automated test

    • The .feature files in GIT are now managed with the same test tree structure there is in Squash TM


  • Technical:

    • Attachments are no longer duplicated in the database

    • Squash - Redmine 4 compatibility

    • Squash - Jira 8 compatibility


Version 1.19.0

Status: published version (obsolete version)
Release date: 01/21/2019
Release note

  • Requirements:

    • You can now search requirements according to their connections to one another.

    • Link together several requirements together at once

  • Test cases:

    • Link requirements and test cases: the tree structure remains open as it was during the previous association

    • Create a test case tree structure based on requirements

  • Campaigns:

    • Custom order for test suites in an iteration

    • Add "Verified requirements" information at the step 0 of an execution

  • Administration:

    • Predefined colors for default lists in custom charts

    • Associate a color to a custom list item for custom charts

    • Reorganization of the "Custom fields" tab of a project

    • Add custom fields to folders in Requirements, Test cases and Campaign workspaces

  • Cross-functional:

    • Connection from several sources (LDAP and local) (Premium License)

    • Projects from the last research remain selected

    • New export option for search results

  • Xsquash4Jira:

    • Automatic link in Jira between an issue and a synchronized Jira user story verified by a test case linked to the issue

    • Mapping between links between Jira issues and links between Squash requirements.

  • Automation:

    • Automation workflow

    • New workspace specially dedicated to a new automation engineer profile

    • Plugin Git connector


Version 1.18.0

Status: published version (obsolete version)
Release date: 06/29/2018
Release note

  • Test cases:

    • Writing test cases in Gherkin language

    • Bulk edition of test case weight with auto option

    • The step tab is the default tab

  • Campaigns:

    • Update the % of success for automated tests

  • Management:

    • Performance improvement in the management workspace

    • Add reports in custom dashboards with permanent perimeter regardless of the selection in the library

    • Add operations on "Requirement" "Automated"

    • You can add a [Back] button on a report selection page

    • There is now 3 digit limitation in "Execution Follow-up" reports

  • Administration:​

    • The modification of a project template now also applies to linked projects

    • You can download log files from the administration workspace

    • Connection history

    • Add more characters to the email field of users

    • Add in the log file a mention when objects are deleted

  • Cross-functional:​

    • Add a spelling checker to rich text fields

    • New API features

    • OAuth 1a protocol for Squash-Jira communication

    • SAML connector (Premium License): authentication delegated to SSO SAML 2

    • Bugtrackers open in a new window

  • TM-TA link:

    • Custom fields for test suites in the TM-TA interface

    • Job selection in TM-TA multi-repository

  • Technical:

    • Storage of attachments in an external repository (is now possible).

    • Add a single index to sorted lists

  • + Various bug fixes


Version 1.17.0

Status: published version (obsolete version)
Release date: 12/22/2017
Release note

  • Requirements:

    • [6643] Added ID and Version Number in Requirement export files

    • [6898] Reports the linked Test Cases to the new Version of a Requirement on request

    • Link Requirements to kown issues

    • Redmine Requirements Plugin (Premium License)

  • Test cases:

    • [3843] Possibility to use Datasets in Test Cases Prerequisites

    • [6927] Visibility on Requirement description while creating Test Steps

  • Campaign/Iteration/Test suite:

    • [6461] Added the name of the Datasets in all the Campaign export files

    • [6567] Added Execution Custom Fields in the Campaign complete export files

    • [6910] Possibility to return in the Execution Plan of the Iteration of the selected Test Case from the Campaign search screen

    • [6921] Added a Functional Status to Campaigns and Iterations, and an execution status to Test Suites

    • [6926] Possibility to modify the Execution Status of a Test Step from the detail page of an Execution

    • Campaign creation wizard (Premium License)

    • Tuleap BT plugin (Pro License)

  • Administration:

    • [6855] Added database size in the statistics

  • Cross-functional:

    • [6852] Search on the Refence field enhanced (Uppercases and metacharacters)

    • [6909] Description of the Requirement displayed when the mouse pointer enters a Requirement in a list

    • Searches launched through the Carriage Return

    • Confirm the import after a simulation in one click

    • Performances enhanced​

  • Jira - Squash communication / Agile environment (Premium License, available January 2018):

    • Automatic synchronization of Jira User stories towards Squash Requirements

    • Sprints taken into account

    • Test Plan wizard using the information of a delivery made in Jira

  • + Various bug fixes


Version 1.16.0

Status: published version (obsolete version)
Release date: 07/07/2017
Release note

  • Requirements:

    • Link requirements together

  • Campaign/Iteration/Test suite:

    • Squash4Jenkins Plugin

    • Select main field in 'Test suite management' popup

    • Tick by default the checkbox 'Would you like to copy the campaign execution plan?' when creating an iteration

  • Reporting:

    • Campaign and Iteration Reports (Premium License): addition of information about issues (with Jira and Redmine)

    • Execution follow-up: addition of 'Test suite' column in 'Test Case list by Campaign' table

  • Administration:

    • Addition of 'Last connection' information in the user table and on user details workspace

  • Cross-functional:

    • Plugin multi-AD / multi-LDAP (Premium License)

    • Rest API

  • + Various bug fixes


Version 1.15.0

Status: published version (obsolete version)
Release date: 12/21/2016

  • Requirements:​

    • [2544] Dashboard in 'Requirements' workspace

  • Test cases:

    • [6380] Drag'n drop for test case call

  • Campaign/Iteration/Test suite:

    • [5152] Not allow campaign/iteration end date earlier than the start date

    • [6350] Display dataset in the execution popup title and in the prologue title area

  • Reporting:​

    • [5493] Custom fields are included in the custom reports of the 'Management' workspace

    • [6452] Display of favorite dashboard in 'Requirements', 'Test Cases' and 'Campaigns' workspaces

  • Administration:

    • [6365] New custom field: numeric type

    • [6370] Access control on automation servers and Jobs

  • Cross-functional:

    • [6372] Focus on popup main field when adding several objects

  • + Various bug fixes


Version 1.14.0

Status: published version (obsolete version)
Release date: 06/29/2016

  • Requirements:

    • JiraReq connector (Premium License): feed Squash TM requirement repository with Jira tickets (issues, enhancement, user story...)

    • PolarionReq connector (Premium License): feed Squash TM requirement repository with Polarion tickets ((issues, enhancement, user story...)

    • [5470] Allow to create a new version of a requirement bound to a locked milestone

  • Test cases:

    • [6160] When adding an attachment to a test step, the click on the "Close" button brings back to the Script tab

  • Campaign/Iteration/Test suite:

    • Bugtracker connector: IBM RTC

    • [5828] Items shown in the drop-down list box "Status" form the Execution block are now consistent

    • [6223] Adding a new column to indicate the %age of steps OK among all the steps of the test case

    • [6229] Mantis plugin: users to assign the anomaly are shown in alphabetic order

  • Reporting:

    • New report (Premium License): iteration report

    • New report (Premium License): campaign report

    • [5416] Display a dashboard in the home page

    • [5421] Copy/Cut/Paste/Move a chart or a dashboard in the library tree

    • [5488] Export a custom chart as a picture

  • Cross-functional/Ergonomics:

    • Drag'n'drop to add elements in the lists from the library tree (to attach requirements to a test case, for example)

    • Allow to import .XLSM files

  • + Various bug fixes

    • [5380] Remove a user who created a milestone doesn't generate an error 500

    • [5480] The simulation of the imports now behaves the same way as the import will do

    • [6062] Better performance for the handling of known issues

    • [6081] [Custom report] user can't be deleted if he had created a chart before

    • [5380] A user who created a custom chart can be removed

    • [6085] Autoconnection to the bugtracker repaired

    • [6148] Display the dataset when a test case is included in a test case

    • [6156] Objects created at 00:00 (in case of imports for example) are not looked upon as being created the day before

    • [6209] Milestones are taken into account when adding a folder to an execution plan

    • [6217] Campaign screen was sometimes empty after clicking on "Back"

    • [6231] A message is displayed if you create a dataset with a name already existing

    • [6235] No more problem while displaying the tags in the "bugtracker" block of the project management screen, when the squash project is bound to several bugtracker projects


Version 1.13.0

Status: published version (obsolete version)
Release date: 01/29/2016

  • Requirements:

    • [5085] Rework requirement import/export (like test case import/export)

    • [5433] Requirement coverage rate

    • [5434] Requirement verification and validation rate

    • [5204] [research] Research results export should have the same format as requirement export

  • Test cases:

    • [3798] A new step should be added right after the selected step

    • [5208] Add a call between two steps

    • [5181] Rework of requirement-test case link import

    • [5242] Remove ID column for import log

    • [5167] Research results export should have the same format as test case export

  • Campaign/Iteration/Test suite:

    • [1095] Rework of the search engine for campaign/iteration/test suite workspace

    • [4192] Dashboard: you can click on chart to have test case details

    • [4022] Modify a test case during running

    • [5165] Add Dashboard tab to folder

    • [5162] Add reference to campaign and iteration

    • [5163] Delete a test suite offers the choice to delete it from iteration

    • [5216] Ergonomic enhancements for test plan

    • [5217] Enhancement of [-] and [delete] button

  • Reporting:

    • [5396] Custom report

  • Administration:

    • [5157] Link several bugtracker projects to one Squash project

    • [4459] Add "add another" button on milestone workspace

    • [4574] Add "add another" button on custom list workspace

    • [5182] Project manager cannot CRUD custom list

    • [5048] Forbid the ability to delete a logged user

    • [5062] Add "add another" button on project template creation

    • [4535] Enhancement on the "Create a project from a template" popup

    • [5074] Update on creating a project template

    • [5075] Update on creating a project from a template

    • [4329] Create a project template from existing project

  • + Various bug fixes​


Version 1.12.0

Status: released version (outdated) 

Release date: 2015/06/17

Notice: as part of this new release, we will update the technical foundations of Squash TM. From this version, Squash TM will no longer be compatible with Internet Explorer 8 and a JVM 1.7.0 will be required for Squash TM set up. Backward compatibility of the application is of course maintained.

  • Requirements:

    • [3146] Import/export requirement hierarchy

    • [4046] Ergonomic update of the Information tab

    • [4047] Setting off the impossibility of updating

    • [4042] [Export] New option for RTE export (with or without the html tags)

    • [4034] The Requirement ID field is now displayed in the Description Block title

  • Test cases:

    • [4033] Ergonomic update of the description tab

    • [4021] [Dashboard] Clicking on the graph portions to display corresponding test cases

    • [4042] [Export] New option for RTE export (with or without the html tags)

    • [4034] The test case ID field is now displayed in the Description Block title

  • Campaign/Iteration/Test suites:

    • [3698] Automatically Display/mask the dataset column in the test plan

    • [4019] Enhancement of the dashboards

    • [1179] [Execution] Automatic validation of commentary clicking on status shortcut button

    • [4183] Ergonomic update of Step

    • [4222] Renaming "Test plan" in "Execution plan" (campaigns, iterations, test suites)

    • [3874] [Iteration] In the Execution plan, you can define the status without executing the test

  • Reporting:

    • [4204] Rework of the "test cases" booklet: editing a report editable under Office, improved performance

    • [4218] Rework of the "requirement" booklet: editing a report editable under Office, improved performance

  • Administration:

    • [2244] Empty option for dropdown list CUF

    • [1770] [CUF] Enhancement of information in project CUF tab in case there is no CUF

    • [1375] [Bugtracker] delete a bugtracker from the administration panel

    • [4041] Add new column in project management table: Habilitations, Bugtrackers, Automation

    • [4171] Add an advanced parameters space (for technical parameters as max attachments weight)

  • Cross-functional/Ergonomics:​

    • [3610] Establishment of milestones management system:

      • [3607] Administration] Manage a milestones repository

      • [3608] Administration] Associate milestone to projects

      • [3609] Administration] Delegate milestone creation to project leader

      • [3611] Associate milestones to objects

      • [3613] Display the library under « milestone view »

      • [4140] Consider the milestones in the project template

      • [3615] Duplicate a version of a repository

      • [3616] Manage the lifecycle of a milestone

      • [3619] Manage campaign under « milestone view »

      • [3627] Consider the milestones in the import/export

      • [3628] Consider the milestones in the search engines

      • [3629] Consider the milestones in the reports

      • [3623] Enable or disable the milestones management system

    • [1108] Establishment of parametrization of information lists: Nature, Type and Category

      • [4068] Administration] Administration panel for information lists management

      • [4067] [Administration] Associate information lists to project (nature, type, category)

      • [4151] Impact on copy/paste/drag and drop between projects

      • [4072] Impact on printing

      • [4073] Impact on import/export

      • [4074] Impact on search results

      • [4075] Impact on report

      • [4149] Impact on executions

      • [4160] Impact on project templates​

    • [4045] Harmonisation and standardization of the interface

    • [2986] [Ergonomic] Adding the possibility to mask the library of the workspace

    • [3823] [CUF] New custom field: "Tag"

    • [4035] Text mitigation (Click to modify)

    • [4036] Inversion of "Description" and "Reference" fields

    • [4095] [Search] Reorganization of Criteria block

  • + Various patches


Version 1.11.0

Status: published version (obsolete version)
Release date: 09/30/2014

  • Test cases:

    • [3693] New dataset management system for called test cases: the user may use the datasets of the called test case or inherits of its parameters

    • [3694] New dataset management system: impacts on block "Test Case called by"

    • [3695] New dataset management system: impacts on import/export system

    • [3697] New dataset management system: impacts on test case printing

    • [3699] Displaying the parameter description in the popup for creating datasets.

  • Campaign/Iteration/Test suites:​

    • [3700] Choose the data sets to be used when adding a test case set in the test plan of an iteration / test suite

    • [3701] Viewing the data sets used in the view page of an execution, in the execution popup (step 0) and the OEI.

  • Reports:

    • [3574] Display custom fields in the test booklet and the specification requirements

    • [3696] New dataset management system: impacts on the report test Booklet

  • Cross-functional/Ergonomics:​

    • [3576] Adding a new custom field: Rich Text Editor (RTE)

    • Improved performance when copying / pasting a large amount of test cases, especially if they contain a lot of test steps.

    • Improved performance when creating and posting of a test execution, especially if they have many executions and custom fields.

  • Technical:

    • [3577] Support engine PostgreSQL database

    • [3571] Externalization of the language file

  • + Various patches


Version 1.10.0

Status: published version (obsolete version)
Release date: 06/30/2014

  • Test cases:

    • [2269] Reworking of the TC export/import feature: it will include any data of a test case (steps, parameters and datasets) in
      CSV file. It will also allow the user to create/modify/replace/delete test cases.

    • [TM/TA link] Bind a TA script to a TM Test case: improved performance during the repatriation of the TA script list.

    • [TM/TA link] added possibility to manually enter the name of the TA script to bind

  • Campaign/Iteration/Test suites:

    • Mass modification of the execution status from the Iteration/test suite test plan.

    • [TM/TA link] The user will be able to choose the target runtime server for its automated tests under a Squash TA server master/slaves architecture

    • [TM/TA link] Transmit to automated scripts Squash TA, variables from the CUF of test cases, campaigns and iterations from Squash TM

    • [TM/TA link] Access to Squash TA Runtime HTML reports directly from Squash TM

  • Administration:

    • [TM/TA link] Addition of an automated execution server repository to take into account Squash TA master/slaves server architecture

    • [TM/TA link] Simplification of the association of Squash TA jobs to Squash TM

    • [2369] Coverage matrix requirements

  • + Various patches


Version 1.9.0

Status: published version (obsolete version)
Release date: 03/31/2014

  • Requirements:

    • [3095] [Research] Adding an error message to alert user changes is not workable

  • Test cases:

    • [2896] Display information of test cases as icons in the library

  • Campaign/Iteration/Execution:

    • [3209] Add a new runtime status "Arbitrated"

    • [3120] Denormalized Test cases customs fields may be modified

    • [3121] Custom fields may be added to runtime consultation pages and to runtime steps

    • [3013] Campaign dashboards are now persisted.

    • [3014] Campaign dashboards: add a total row in the inventory table

    • [3116] Campaign dashboards: add an icon / tooltip to explain the graphics

    • [3124] Iteration dashboards: add a line to record the test cases not associated with a test suite

  • Administration:

    • [3211] Activate/deactivate runtime status "non testable" and "Arbitrated"

  • Cross-functional/Ergonomics:​

    • [3138] The user can choose to display the items in the library with a positional arrangement rather than alphabetical order

    • [3210] [Global filter] The list of projects can be filtered

    • [3046] [Research] Replace the list of users by a multiple autocomplete

    • [3090] [Research] Alphabetical sorting takes capital letters into account

    • [3131] [TM-TA Link] The name of the automated script appears in the runtime consultation page

    • [2633] [Technical remediation] Concatenation / minification of javascript and optimize the candidate Java script and the base layer

    • [3185] [Technical remediation] Skin buttons using CSS instead of JQuery

  • + Various patches


Version 1.8.0

Status: published version (obsolete version)
Release date: 12/20/2013

  • Requirements:

    • [1093] New Requirement search engine

  • Test cases:

    • [1858] "Reference" field in the creation popup must have up to 50 char.

    • [2842] An informational message warn the user that is it impossible to modify a result belonging to a project with only reading rights

  • Campaign/Iteration/Execution:

    • [2546] Campaign dashboards

    • [1822] Plan test filter

    • [2945] Added a popup to handle all of the dates of iterations in one place

    • [2247] Automatically check test suites associated with the selection in the rollover button "Test Suite"

    • [2946] Update of the execution date when the runtime status has been manually changed from the test plan

    • [2857] Displays by default, the test plan tab of an iteration

  • Reporting:

    • [2375] Rework of the filters' management

  • Administration:

    • [327] Activate/Deactivate and delete a user

    • [2808] Ergonomics of the home page of the Administration space

  • Cross-functional/Ergonomics:​

    • [1090] [Search engine] Rework of the search in different sections - General Principles

    • [2255] Deletion of the "Delete" button on the consultation pages

    • [1893] RTE fields must be available in full screen

    • [1398] Opening of links inserted in scripts

    • [1398] Opening links inserted in the description

    • [2255] Remove the "Delete" button on the pages of consultation

    • [1893] Rich Text Editors must be displayed in full screen

    • [2864] Harmonization of the management buttons "BACK" to the entire application

    • [2916] Search on an exact sentence

    • [2917] Sort results by score then by the existing sorting
      + Various patches


Version 1.7.0

Status: published version (obsolete version)
Release date: 09/30/2013

  • Requirements:

    • [1107] Requirements hierarchy

  • Test cases:

    • [1094] [Search engine] Rework of the test cases' search

    • [2545] Dashboard feature in the "test cases" section

  • Campaign/Iteration/Execution:

    • [2307] Sorts/filters the test plans for both the campaign and the iteration

    • [1854] Added the new "Blocked" and "Untestable" icons in the popup and the Optimised Execution Interface

    • [2807] Ergonomic enhancements of the test plan toolbar

    • [2611] New campaign export formats

    • [1263] Attachments files linked to a test case are added to the step 0 of its execution

  • Reporting:

    • [2656] Update of the requirement coverage report

  • + Various patches


Version 1.6.0

Status: published version (obsolete)
Release date: 06/28/2013

  • Requirements:

    • [2273] Shows description in a dedicated space

    • [2275] Print a requirement

  • Test cases:

    • [2276] Print a test case
      [1101][Parameterized Test Cases] Parameters available for test cases

  • Campagne/Iteration/Execution:

    • [1128] [Parameterized Test Cases] Parameters available for test execution

    • [2280] Exportation of the campaign's data

    • [2303] Shows the test case's name in Optimised Execution Interface mode

    • [2304] Reports an issue during a test step directly from the associated execution page

    • [2354] Link to execution in the "Know issue" tab

  • Reporting:

    • [1524] Added layout, title and description

  • Administration:

    • [2271] Password reset of the user from the administrator's interface

  • Cross-functional/Ergonomics:

    • [2302] Keeps the session open while editing a component (in order to avoid losing data during long input operations such as filling description)

    • [2305] Added the following features: table creation and image insertion in description

  • + Various patches


Version 1.5.0

Status: published version (obsolete)
Release date: 03/30/2013

​Main contents of this version: upgrade customized fields management, added the team feature, added new cross-functional features to projects (move, copy/paste between projects) + various patches

  • Cross-functional:

    • [1272] Move and copy/paste between projects

    • [1821] New customized field of 'Date' type

  • Test cases:

    • [1824] Added a detailed view to test steps.

    • [2003] Makes available the association between requirements and test steps.

    • [1818,1825] Association between customized fields and test steps.

  • Campaign/Iteration/Execution:

    • [1984] Associates many test executions to a single test.

  • Execution:

    • [1850] Customized fields now appear while checking an execution, more precisely in the execution popup and in the Optimised Execution Interface.

  • Administration:

    • [1864, 1865, 1866] Management of teams to facilitate the management of authorizations.

    • [1867] Added search filters to many tables in the administration section.

  • + Various patches


Version 1.4.0

Status: published version (obsolete)
Release date: 12/21/2012

Main contents of this version: customized fields, project templates, complements to import/export features.

  • Requirements:

    • [1472] Addition of a button [Add another] in order to go on creating requirements.

    • [1628] Increases the size limitation of 'References' fields (requirements and test cases).

  • Test cases:

    • [830] Test case export in CSV format.

    • [1553] Addition of a 'Nature' field.

    • [1554] Addition of a 'Type' field.

    • [1609] Addition of a 'Status' field.

    • [1244] Addition of a test case's reference in different screens.

    • [1386] Deletion of the link with an automated script.

  • Campaign/Iteration/Execution:

    • [1623] Displays the assigned test cases of an user with "Tester" profile on the test plan consultation page.

    • [1624] Lock the deletion of a started campaign/iteration.

    • [1299] Added a "Statistics" block in the iteration and campaign's consultation pages.

    • [1468] Campaign's test plan recovery when creating an iteration.

    • [1642] Misprint in the drop-down menu of the [Add] button.

  • Execution:​

    • [1550] Assign a status to a test plan without its execution (can also be substituted with an auto-calculated status).

    • [891] Added a new "No executable" status.

    • [1596] Added an "Information" block for the test case in the test plan consultation page.

    • [1600] Added a step 0 which introduces the "Information" block of the test in the execution popup and in the Optimised Execution Interface.

    • [1598] Added an "Execute" shortcut (icon) in the test plan table.

    • [950] Possibility of deleting a bug related to an execution.

  • Reporting:

    • [1111] Qualitative coverage of an execution.

    • [1402] Supports "Test suite" in the 'Campaign progress' report.

    • [377] Update of the requirements library (it is now packaged in the application).

    • [376] Update of the test cases library (it is now packaged in the application).

  • Administration:

    • [1110] [Projects templates] Creates project templates.

    • [1393] [Projects templates] Creates projects from a template.

    • [1606] Added a "Statistic" block.

    • [1555] Transfers the data modification in the 'Project' record to the project manager.

    • [327] Added a "Delete" button in the consultation interface of an user.

    • [1599] Relooking of the 'Administration' space.

  • Cross-functional:

    • [1109] [CUF] Administration of customized fields.

    • [1390] [CUF] Added customized fields in the projects.

    • [1392] [CUF] Displays the project customized fields in the consultation screens.

    • [1638] [CUF] Added a "Code" field to the CUF and to CUF "list" values.

  • Miscellaneous:​

    • [1605] Rework of the confirmation's messages for deletion: they are now more visible.

    • [1513] [Attachment] Addition of an "attachment" tab to the projects and the folders.

    • [1608] [Ergonomics] Library buttons bar.

    • [1282] [Ergonomics] New workspace color for the 'Management workspace'.

    • [1582] Text corrections.


Version 1.3.0

Status: published version (obsolete)
Release date: 09/29/2012

Main contents of this version: support of multiple bugtrackers, link between Squash TM and Squash TA, execution of automated tests directly from Squash TM, transversal views between the different spaces, improvement of import/export features.

  • Requirements:

    • [1104] Update of requirement export feature.

    • [1105] Import of links associated to test cases/ requirements.

    • [1106] Displays the technical ID of requirements (and test cases).

  • Test Cases:

    • [899] Added an execution tab to the consultation page of a test: this tab presents all the executions of a test case realized in the campaign section.

    • [909] A "Known issue" tab is added to the consultation page of a test case: this tab presents all the issues declared on a test case.

    • [1099] Test case steps can be created one after another.

    • [1210] Links an automated test script to a test case (*)

  • Campaign/Iteration/Execution:

    • [901] In the execution display page, an icon will inform the user whether a bug has been found on the associated test case step.

    • [900/1097] Added A "Known issue" tab in the campaign/iteration/execution pages: the tab displays bugs which have been declared during the campaign/iteration/execution

    • [1075] Self-completion of a bug's fields when declared

    • [1211] Launches automated tests from Squash TM (*)

    • [1211] Displays the results of automated tests in Squash TM (*)

  • Reporting:​

    • [376] Test case description printing.

    • [377] Requirement description printing.

  • Administration:

    • Manages bugtrackers in project: each project can be configured in order to associate itself to a specified bugtracker (and/or a specified project)

    • Manages automation in project (*)

(*) needs Squash TA Server to be installed, cf roadmap TA.


Version 1.2.0

Status: published version (obsolete)
Release date: 06/29/12

Main contents of this version: refines the management of authorizations by introducing the concept of "Profile", improves the integration between Squash TM and the Bugtracker, supports Jira, new plugins for creating reports, addition of new reports, improvements of ergonomics.

  • Requirements:

    • [829] Import of requirements in CSV / XLS / Calc formats.

    • [910] Added the "Category" field.

  • Test cases:

    • [897] Added a "Reference" field (like the one in the requirement section).

  • Campaign/Iteration/Execution:

    • [818] Supports Jira bugtracker.

    • [596] Possibility to associate an existing bug during the execution of an iteration.

    • [380] When declaring a bug, it is now possible to use either a standard or a rich editor according to the bearing capacity of the targeted bugtracker.

    • [898] Advanced integration between the bugtracker and Squash TM: the access to the bugtracker will be integrated to the Squash TM navigation toolbar.

    • [900] Added a 'Known issue' tab in the iteration page: this tab will show all the bugs declared during the tests' execution.

  • Reporting:

    • [811] Implementation of a plugin system for reports creation with Jasper.

  • Administration:

    • [816] Authorizations: smart management of authorizations and addition of user's profiles such as project manager, test analyst, validator...
      [817] Authorizations: a project manager will be able to manage authorizations and give rights to other users on a given project.

  • Miscellaneous:

    • [835] Multi-user access alert if they happen to work on the same object.

    • [791] User can request a password reset.

    • [801] New tabs showing all the information about an object (campaign, requirement, test case, iteration...)

    • [708, 796, 798] Upgrades brought to Ergonomics' and harmonization of the interface.

    • [799] Homogenisation of warning messages.

  • Various patches.


Version 1.1.0

Status: published version (obsolete)
Release date: 03/30/12

  • Requirements:

    • [378] Added a workflow to manage requirements.

      • [383] Manages Requirement versioning.

      • [385] Saves modifications brought to requirements having the "To be validated" status. Change logs are accessible through the requirement page.

  • Test cases:​

    • [384] A new attribute is used to manage the importance of a test case. This attribute can be automatically set by the system depending on the criticality of requirements that are associated with this test case.

    • [437] Massive import of test cases in Excel format: from a ZIP file containing both directories and test cases in Excel files, Squash recreates the tree and imports test cases.

    • [457] Added a "Prerequisite" field.

  • Campaign/Iteration/Execution:

    • [381] When opening a bug from Squash TM, the bugtracker opens in a new tab.

    • [412] Copy/Paste feature for iteration is now available.

    • [453 to 456] Added the "Test suites" (TS): the TS improve the organization of a test plan by combining test cases via a tag. Thus, test cases can easily be run one after another.

    • [470] It is now possible to add several times the same test cases to the test plan of a campaign or an iteration.

    • [516] The removal of executions is possible via a test plan or the display page of the execution.

  • Other improvements:

    • [402] In the browsing tree, the creation of an element is now possible without having to select the parent directory.

    • [270+271] Edit fields are now resizable.

    • [373] In the browser tree, the selection is now possible for multiple nodes of different parents.

    • The design of the browser tree has been revised to improve readability.

    • Etc. (see bugtracker)

  • Various patches (see release note and bugtracker).


Version 1.0.0

Status: published version (obsolete)
Release date: 09/30/11

  • Multi- and Inter- project management:

    • Multi-project: each user can access to all the projects over which he has rights.

    • Inter-project: a given project can refer to items from one or more other projects (test cases, requirements...).

  • Requirements:

    • Requirement library

      • Requirement library as an infinite browsing tree.

      • Reorganizing requirements using drag and drop, copy/paste, deletion (from a single or a multiple selection)

      • Search for requirement by reference, language, criticality.

      • Exports to Excel, CSV, Calc format

    • Requirements

      • Requirement defined by language, reference, description, criticality.

      • Association between test cases and requirements (test cases may belong to the same project or other ones).

      • Association between attachments and requirements.

  • Test cases:

    • Test case library

      • Test case library as an infinite browsing tree.

      • Reorganizing requirements using drag and drop, copy/paste, deletion (from a single or a multiple selection)

      • Search test cases by wording.​

    • Test case

      • Test case defined by title, description and importance.

      • Association between requirements and test cases.

      • Association between attachments and test cases.​

    • Test scenario (gathering various stages of the test)

      • Test scenarios organized in individual test steps.

      • Test steps defined by action to be realized and expected results.

      • Calls for other test cases in a test scenario (« call »)

      • Association of attachments to test steps.

      • Reorganization of test steps using drag and drop, copy/paste, deletion (from a single or multiple selection).​

  • Test campaign, Test execution:

    • Campaign library

      • Campaigns organized into iterations: a test campaign includes "n" iterations.

      • Campaign library as an infinite browsing tree.

      • Reorganization of campaigns and iterations using drag and drop, copy/paste, deletion (from a single or multiple selection)

      • Search of campaigns and iterations by titles and keywords.

    • Campaigns/Iterations

      • Planning management: planned and real-time Start/End dates (calculated automatically from the executions or filled manually).

      • Multi-project test plan.​

    • Test plan

      • Test plan defined by project, test case, type of execution (manual or automatic), status, execution date, assignation

      • Organization of test plans in test suites.

      • Creation of test plan by selecting test cases, possibly from several projects.

      • Reorganization of test plan using drag and drop.

      • Tests assigned to testers: massively or singularly.

    • Execution (run)

      • Several possible executions of the test plan depending on the test cases.

      • Results of an execution by test steps: status, tester name, test timestamp and step notes.

      • Step by step test execution via execution popup.

      • Test execution via the Optimised Execution Interface (OEI): the OEI offers an optimized manual testing of web applications, including features that facilitate the conduct of tests.​

    • Issues

      • Supports Mantis for issue management.

      • Declaration of issues from Squash, directly from an execution or an execution step.

      • Synthetic dashboard of known issues linked to an execution or to each step of an execution.​

  • Reporting:

    • Campaign progress monitoring.

    • Requirement coverage

  • Administration:

    • Project management:

      • Project defined by name, title, description, active/inactive

    • User management and authentication:

      • Authorization management (access, read, write) by users and by projects.

  • Miscellaneous:

    • French and English translations