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Squash, a powerful testing tool
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You are using GitLab but finding it insufficient for your functional testing needs?

Choose Squash to have access to the features you require for managing both manual and automated tests, without altering your familiar working environment.

Choose the best option for your testing needs.

Squash is a powerful and comprehensive tool able to manage both manual and automated tests. Customize the tool according to your needs, easily design, link, and manage your requirements and test cases (both traditional and BDD), build a tests asset, manage your test plans and campaigns, report issues, and review test execution results.

Squash can be seamlessly integrated with any CI/CD system, including GitLab, allowing you to execute an automated test plan and, based on predefined criteria in a quality gate, continue or halt a pipeline.

Squash adapts to all types of projects, whether they are carried out in an agile or waterfall (V-model) approach, and supports various types of functional testing, including acceptance tests, regression tests, end-to-end tests, and more.

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Integrate Squash with GitLab and take advantage of our features.

Squash GitLab Integration Diagram - Squash is a functional test management software you can easily integrate with GitLab. Once Squash is integrated with GitLab, the user can enjoy Squash's features for functional test management: synchronization of issues into requirements, test case creation and management, reporting in GitLab, manual or automated test plan design, bug tracking, etc.
Schéma Intégration Squash GitLab : Le logiciel de gestion de tests fonctionnels Squash s'intègre facilement à GitLab. Une fois Squash intégré à GitLab, l'utilisateur peut profiter des fonctionnalités de Squash pour la gestion des tests fonctionnels : synchronisation des issues en exigences, rédaction de cas de test, conception d’un patrimoine de test, reporting dans GitLab, conception de plans de tests manuels ou automatisés, remontée d'anomalies, etc.
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Everyone can use their favorite working tool, we take care of connecting them.


Product owner

He writes issues, plans sprints, and tracks the progress of tests and validation of issues in GitLab.


He picks up issues in GitLab, he implements issues and fixes bugs in his IDE, and can track the progress of tests in GitLab.


He retrieves synchronized issues as requirements, designs manual tests, prepares automated tests, organizes, plans and executes tests, and reports issues, all within Squash. He also tracks the progress of issues in GitLab.

Automation engineer

He reviews the tests to be automated based on the test cases in Squash and then automates the tests in GitLab.

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Do you have any more questions?

For more details, please visit the Squash and GitLab integration page.

Feel free to contact us, we are here to assist you.

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