Services & expertise

The Squash service offer will guide you every step of the way 

to implement Squash.

This support can include offers and guidelines such as:


Proof of concept

An expert comes and studies your context through axes, considering all the options at your disposal to use Squash, from test asset management to test automation.


This POC (Proof of concept) offer aims to:


  • Answer any question prior to the decision to adopt Squash:

    • Adequacy regarding technical context, methodological context (Agile, BDD...) or organizational/HR context (coordination between actors, reworking existing resources, actor maturity) 

    • Financial relevance (cost, automation ROI) and non-financial relevance (quality, reliability, time to market, team motivation and other positive externalities)


  • Give the elements that are necessary in order to start the implementation project (cost, perimeter, deadline) 


We can help you through tool installation, by:

  • Producing an evaluation of alternatives 

  • Defining the technical architecture

  • Realizing a dimensioning study



Your existing source tool databases, such as HP ALM (learn more) or Testlink can be migrated towards Squash. If need be, we will help you to migrate your:

  • Requirements

  • Test cases

  • Automated scripts

  • Executions

  • Issues

  • Attachments

  • Users

  • Projects

  • ...

Tool onboarding guidance

Squash experts will help you in the early stages to learn to use the tool according to your context.

This covers a support for your product ownership, your product management and your functional testing team at several levels regarding the:

  • Tool implementation

  • Choice of the test strategy restructuring

  • Supervision of the users from your testing teams (daily training suited to your needs)

  • Tool expertise supply

This support can also include guidance and change management.



Our Squash experts can train your users to our test tool and methodologies.


Our trainings can be provided inter-company or intra-company

  • Trainings about test asset management in Squash (French) (learn more)

  • Trainings about test automation with Squash (French) (learn more)

Specific developments 

Our Squash development team can develop functionalities that are suited to your needs as for:


  • connectors

  • reports

  • new functionalities

  • support for new test technologies

  • ... 


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