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How to upgrade Squash TM?

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

This article describes the general procedure to upgrade Squash TM. Additional steps may apply depending on the version (modification of the configuration files, properties). Please visit our wiki to find out which versions are affected.

To upgrade Squash TM:

1. Stop Squash TM

2. Backup the database (the procedure depends on the database type), the configuration files in the ‘conf’ directory that have been modified and the startup file

3. Update the database: run in the xxx growing order every 'DBType-upgrade-to-xxx.sql' script (in the ‘database-scripts’ directory) where number xxx is higher than the version to update, and DBType is the type of your database.

4. Install the new version of Squash TM

5. Import the former configuration and startup files in the install directory of the new version. A copy/paste is sufficient, except if there were changes or properties added in the new version.

6. Start Squash TM

7. In Squash TM, as an administrator, index the database: on the administration page, click on [Index], then [Index everything].

We advise users to clear their browser cache after each upgrade.


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