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Squash TM 1.18.0 is out!

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Squash TM release is available for download.

This version contains new features such as:


  • Writing test cases with Gherkin language: in order to do Behavior Driven Testing and to export test cases to Cucumber format

  • Reports in dashboards: it is now possible to add reports in customized dashboards, these reports will have permanent perimeter, regardless of the selection in the library

  • Propagation of project template modifications to linked projects: modifications of attributes of a project template will be spread to projects linked to this template

  • Downloading log file from the administration workspace: log file can now be downloaded from the administration workspace

  • Performance improvement in the Management workspace

  • New API features: requirements, steps, projects, users and more are now managed

  • Storage of attachments in an external repository: attachments can be stored outside of the Squash TM database, in an external folder

  • OAuth 1a protocol for Jira: Squash-Jira communication can be done through an OAuth 1a protocol

  • Execution Plan Wizard (licence commerciale): it is now possible to create execution plans with as a criteria, attributes of issues linked to test cases (it only work with Jira)

  • SquashBT.Jira connector (licence commerciale): use of markdown Jira for the layout of reported Jira issues


  • Connection history: it is now possible to see and export the connection history from the administration workspace

  • SAML connector (licence commerciale): authentication delegated to SSO SAML 2

TM-TA link:

  • Custom fields for tests suites in TM-TA interface

  • Job selection in TM-TA multi-repository

And smaller enhancements as well as numerous corrections within the whole application.


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