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Squash TM 1.17.0 is out!

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Squash TM 1.17.0 new release is available for download.

This version contains new features such as:

  • Performance improvement: displaying workspaces and search pages is now up to ten times faster for big databasesVisibility on requirements when editing a step: it is now posible to see on the same screen requirements bound to a test case while writing/editing a test step

  • Parameters in test case prerequisite: parameters and datasets can be added in the prerequisite field of a test case

  • Functional state for campaigns and iterations: add maunually a state for campaigns and iterations (Planned, Finished, Archived)

  • Execution status for test suites: an execution status is automatically added to test suites, depending on the execution status of its test cases

  • Modification of the execution status of a test step from the execution screen: it is now possible to edit the execution status of a step from the 'Execution script' section of an execution

  • Merge of report and management workspaces: reports are now available from the management workspace with the [Create] button. Once created and saved, they display in the library and can be edited or downloaded.

  • Database size in statistics: the database size is included in the statistics on the administration screen

  • Postpone requirements - test cases links when creating a new requirement version

  • Campaign assistant Plugin (Pro License): in this first version, it is possible to replicate an existing iteration to create a new iteration with simple or advanced criteria

  • Tuleap bugtracker Plugin (Pro License)

  • Redmine Requirements Plugin (Premium License): to synchronize requirements from Redmine to Squash

And smaller enhancements as well as numerous corrections within the whole application.


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