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Squash Test Factory (Squash TF) is out now!

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Squash TF is a solution providing complete support for writing and executing automated tests. It covers main software technologies (Web GUI, Web services, Desktop applications, iOS and Android apps) and is compatible with several development processes (Waterfall, Agile, BDD, Global Quality assessment, Continuous Testing).

Besides Squash Keyword Framework (which builds upon Squash TA while ensuring backward compatibility), Squash TF introduces new options for integrating automated testing with Squash TM. These options allow Squash TF to adapt to the needs of the different actors involved in test automation projects (developers, testers, integrators).

Squash TF provides support for the entire automated testing cycle:

  • Project creation (technology choice, configuration)

  • New workspace for automation requests (included in Squash TM)

  • Support for writing test scripts

  • Orchestration

  • Reporting

Here are the main features of Squash TF:


Squash TF introduces the "runner" concept. The goal of the runner goal is to:

Make easier our tool integration with an existing test repository.

Make easier our tool acceptance.

Allow to execute existing tests from a repository from Squash TM even if it is not written with the Squash Keyword Framework (previously known as Squash TA).

> Squash TF Java Junit Runner 1.0.0

This runner allows you to execute your automated tests written in Maven Java Junit5/Junit4 inside our ecosystem in an almost transparent way.

It makes easier our tool integration with an existing test repository written in Java Junit. Especially it offers the possibility to easily launch the execution of these tests from Squash TM.

This runner is linked to a project template (archetype) to make easier the start up of a project.

> Squash TF Cucumber Java Runner 1.0.0

This runner allows you to execute your automated tests (.feature) written in Maven Gherkin and their implementation written in Cucumber Java inside our ecosystem.

Especially it completes the Gherkin feature of Squash TM and allows to launch the execution of tests written in Gherkin from Squash TM in the Squash TF Execution Server which will then display the execution results in Squash TM.

This runner is linked to a project template (archetype) to make easier the start up of a project.

Squash TF Execution Server 2.0.0

It replaces Squash TA Server 1.X. and has two goals in this version:

  • Easier installation: Creation of a docker image for the Execution Server Creation of an agent installer

  • Increase our execution capacity, especially with the creation of template for our two runners: A project template for the Java Junit Runner A template for the Cucumber Java Runner A template for execution in two passes

TA 1.11.0 – Squash Keyword Framework (ex Squash TA)

> Evolution

  • Framework evolution to manage the Java Junit Squash TF runner

  • Framework evolution to manage the Squash TF Java Cucumber runner

  • License update following the change of year

  • XML-functions plugin (XML manipulation) Creation of the XML-functions plugin that lets you apply XSL transformation to XML type resources

  • MEN-XML plugin Recovery of the pre-integration code history & integration of the MEN Orléans XML plugin

  • Plugin common components Specification of the encoding used for parameter substitution Upgrade of the JavaCodeBundle compiler to accept a single input file Add of a configurable filter to save binary files in the macro of parameter substitution Add of a Dump to local filesystem command Exploitation of CSV resources: transformation into XML

  • DB plugin Specification of the encoding used for requests Add of configuration keys to change the request separator in JDBC scripts Add of new dataset validity checks to those already existing in Dbunit Add of a macro to make DB count Enrichment of the functional failure context on DB assertions: Expected and real data are now attached to the failure report of the comparison assertion Add of the "Database not.contains" assertion

  • SoapUI plugin Record of SoapUI logs

  • FTP plugin Add of a feature to process file tree to FTP plugin

  • Plugin SFTP Add of a feature to process file tree to FTP plugin

  • Framework Shared service to log the name of a component in a standard way Creation of a shared service for processing the components configuration

> Fix

  • DB plugin Resolution of an open file leak FIX: regression in the DB module (existing data tables never found) FIX: DELETE operation failed on HSQLDB

  • SoapUI plugin FIX: Incompatibility of Squash TA Version 1.10 with SoapUI Community 5.4.0 Suppression of jfxrt dependency

  • Filechecker Plugin FIX: bug of non-reset sequences in the filechecker library in case of two successive analyzes

  • Framework Partial resolution of a race condition between Squash TA instances on temporary file storage if they use the default configuration. If the problem occurs, override the system properties FIX of a NPE when Squash TA is run in multi-module mode


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