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Squash AUTOM-DEVOPS 2023-09 is available, adding the support of Maven Daemon.

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

2023-09 is a maintenance delivery containing several enhancements and some bug fixes.

The most noticeable improvements are:

  • The orchestrator is now able to run JUnit tests via Maven Daemon (this was already possible for Cucumber tests). Maven daemon (mvnd) is a drop-in replacement of Maven (mvn). Being a daemon, it is started only once, and, being a native application (it is built with GraalVM), it starts faster. This means that we do not have to pay the cost of the JVM startup every time we launch a test. For short JUnit and Cucumber tests, which last a few seconds, the overhead of starting the JVM is a problem. If you have such tests, we advise you to consider replacing Maven with Maven Daemon, an AUTOM/DEVOPS FAQ details how to do so. For longer tests, such as UI tests, the gain of migrating to Maven Daemon would be negligeable.

  • opentf-ctl output is easier to parse by scripts: it is now in fixed-width columns and the YAML or JSON formats can be requested.

  • Label and field selectors are now usable for any opentf-ctl subcommand for which a selection is applicable. Some of these subcommands also now support a "--all" flag.

  • And we have the usual improvements on messages and logs…

As a reminder, new versions of Squash AUTOM and DEVOPS are delivered monthly (except in August).

2023-10 should contain the publication of the Quality Gate results in GitLab merge requests, at last, the memory reduction for the Premium services image.

Every AUTOM/DEVOPS delivery contains several components having each one its own version number. You can view them in the Release Notes by version.


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