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New download repository for Squash and its plugins

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

A partir de la version 4.0 de Squash TM, MySQL, PostgreSQL 9 et Java 8 ne seront plus supportés

A new repository is available to download the different versions of Squash and its plugins.

It replaces the old Squash repository which will not be accessible anymore.

Here are the URLs to access the download links of the different components of Squash:

  • contains the stable versions of Squash TM and all its plugins (Community and Premium)

  • contains candidate releases and iterations of Squash TM and its Community plugins => be careful, these are non-stable versions only for testing purposes, do not use these elements in production

  • contains old stable versions of Squash TM, Squash TF and plugins that are no longer supported => migration from the old repo will happen soon

Each repository is organized by component (core, plugins) and then by version, simplifying navigation and making it easier to find the item to download in its correct version.


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