One solution to manage
the entire test lifecycle

Squash is a complete and evolutive tool which supports the industrialization of your testing process, and provides easy-to-use features:

Manage and Execute your tests in an Agile or traditional mode

Squash advantages:

  • An open source solution, strong and easy-to-use, collaborative and adapted to multi-projects environment

  • Reasonable prices

  • Overall vision in real time,
    for large test assets and
    for the entire project lifecycle

  • Agile designing in Jira, without weighting
    your Jira database down

Automate your tests with your favorite studio

Squash advantages:

  • An open source solution, used with the main studios: Cucumber, Robot Framework, UFT, Ranorex,  Agilitest*...

  • The link between your code and your manual and automated test asset

*Under development

Integrate and Execute your tests in your pipeline

Squash advantages:

  • Integrate your automated test campaigns and their reporting in your pipeline: Jenkins, Gitlab CI and other tools*

  • Integrate your test plans in your continuous deployment pipeline*

  • Configure the Quality Gates of your automated tests*

*Under development


Squash offers user-friendly features

Structure bleue


  • Create requirements and version them to benefit from change history, or synchronize User Stories from Jira if you work in Agile.

  • Design your test cases using action/result steps or Gherkin's syntax for Behavior Driven Development .

  • Take advantage of data sets and test case calls to gain efficiency in managing your test asset. 

Squash, seamless integration into your ecosystem

Adopt Squash:

fast and simple

Squash is an intuitive & user-friendly tool 

which is easy to learn and use.

Our migration solutions - in particular from QC , will help you to get started, without data loss.

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