SqTF | New release of components for test automation with Squash

Autolink test case / automated script

Link between test case & automated script is simplified:

Declaring the test's unique identifier in the automated script handles the auto-link feature (for SKF and JUnit tests).

IntelliJ Plugin helps you to write your SKF scripts with autocompletion, syntax highlight & check.  These features are improved in this version. 

IntelliJ Plugin

SoapUI and Selenium libraries have been updated.

Libraries update for SKF


SqTM 1.20 | Squash TM 1.20 RELEASE

Campaign custom export

For the follow-up of your execution phase, a custom export feature enables you to export only the data you are interested in (execution steps, custom fields...).

Users can now save their connection information in their bugtracker(s).  

Bugtracker identifier saving

API enrichment 

Search reliability and response times are improved. 

Search engine refactoring

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