Roadmap and Releases

Find the roadmap around the Squash TM module as well as the details of the latest Squash TM releases

Upcoming versions

| Squash TM 2.0
  • Redesign and modernization of the interface

  • To see an overview of this future interface,
    you can watch our last Webinar on the subject again:

| Squash TM 2.1 and later
S2 2021
  • Requirements | Management of specific requirements and link with processes

  • Addition of features facilitating collaborative work

  • Campaigns / Iterations / Executions | Implementation of a system to help costing the testing process

  • Campaigns / Iterations / Executions | Screen capture function to document anomalies declared from Squash

  • Reports | Requirements coverage matrix

  • Search | Saving search criteria to apply filters on libraries
  • ...
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The last version

| Squash TM version 1.22 released
  • API administration
    Squash's functional administration features are now available in a dedicated Rest API

  • Xsquash4Jira
    Xsquash4Jira now has its own API, allowing you to configure the plugin (requires the API administration plugin)

  • Xsquash (Server and Cloud)
    The latest version of Xsquash takes into account the display of test cases in BDD format.
    The automation status of tests and the name of datasets have also been added respectively to the tabs "Squash TM test cases" and "Squash TM executions"

  • Management of test cases in BDD format and action libraty
    This new test case format is based on Gherkin syntax and allows you to write your BDD scenarios using a simple and intuitive interface.
    The actions contained in the test steps can be varied and reused in test cases from different projects.
    During their transmission to the automation engineer, the scripts associated with the BDD test cases are converted into a format corresponding to the target implementation technology (Cucumber or Robot Framework). The choice of technology has no impact for the user when writing test cases.

  • Action library plugin (included in the Squash AUTOM license)
    This Squash TM plugin compatible with version 1.22 allows you to manage the actions contained in the test cases in BDD format in a new space. From this space, it is notably possible to consult the test cases using an action and the information relating to its implementation.
    This plugin also facilitates the writing of test cases in BDD format by offering the user by auto-completion the actions already present in the library and corresponding to his entry.

  • Consultation of automated suites
    In terms of iterations and test suites, a new tab allows you to view the history of automated suites (set of automated tests launched at the same time).
    For each automated suite, the user can consult the overall execution status, the details of the tests executed and access the execution report for all the tests.

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