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Squash is an intuitive & user-friendly tool 

which is easy to learn and use.

Our migration solutions - in particular from QC - will help you to get started, without data loss. 

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Directly access Squash features via the demo instance or the downloadable free Community version

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Choose the offer that matches your needs

  • Operational features to manage your test asset

  • Native support on Gherkin BDD and native integration with Jira

  • Connectors with open source bugtrackers

  • Features to automate your tests with open source frameworks

  • Features related to the integration of tests in your Jenkins factory


     All the Community version features

     with, in addition:

  • Connectors with commercial bugtrackers


  • Advanced operational features


  • Integration in your authentication system

     Professional support.


     All the Premium version features

     with, in addition:

  • All the features related to test automation

  • All the features related to the integration of tests in a factory

     Professional support.

Features and components

of each version 

The Squash suite is comprised of several open source, freeware or commercial components:

  • The Community version provides you with all features included in open source and freeware components, with a support held by a community of users.

  • Premium and Enterprise versions provide you with all features included in open source, freeware and commercial components, with a professional support.

Specify and document your test assets

Operational features


with external tools

Advanced functional features

Requirement, test case, dataset and execution management

Anomaly reporting from Squash into open source bugtrackers*

Anomaly reporting from Squash into commercial bugtrackers**

Suited to Agile process with Jira

Requirement synchronisation from external tools (Redmine / Polarion)

Simplified creation of execution plans via a dedicated wizard

Prepopulated Squash reports on the scope of execution

Authentication delegation (LDAP / Active Directory / SAML 2.0)

Authentication management







Automate with the studio of your choice



Test writing in BDD format

Provision of a BDD keyword library

Automation workflow and task management with Jira

Integration with Cucumber, Robot Framework and Java JUnit

Integration with UFT and Ranorex

Integration with Agilitest and Katalon

Implementation with Squash Keyword Framework

Test execution

Automated testing from Squash

Test planning and test triggering from a CI/CD platform

Advanced test planning and test triggering from a CI/CD platform

"Quality Gate“ set up and calculation

Simple reporting after automated executions

Dashboards and advanced reporting after automated executions

Configuration management with a Jenkins plugin

Provision of a pre-existing forge based on Jenkins