The new functionalities of Squash TM 1.20 in details

Mis à jour : 17 sept. 2020

Squash TM 1.20 has been released in July, here are all additions and improvements in pictures:

✓ Revision of the search engine: search reliability and search response time have been improved

✓ Management: new customizable campaign export wizard

With this new reporting tool, you can now generate a personalized campaign export thanks to a wizard which enables you to choose the perimeter and data you want to export.

Custom exports are generated in .csv.

In the new custom export creation wizard, Squash lets you define the scope of data to be exported

Select the attributes of the iterations, test cases, bugs that you want to export from Squash 1.20

With Squash's custom export wizard, give a custom name to your reports

A generate button allows you to obtain the customized export you want from the Management workspace

✓ Test case report: new options for the printing of custom fields

In test case reports, it is now possible to print the test steps of either test cases or called test cases, to print parameters and datasets, to print requirements linked to test steps or to print the number of test step attachments.

New options for printing custom elements within your test reports are available

✓ Requirement report: new option to print only the last version of a requirement

It is now possible to filter and print only the last version of a requirement without the previous version history.

Filter to print only the latest version of a requirement within requirement reports

✓ Campaigns: within the same iteration, tests can now be executed one following the other (on the same template that the one used for test suites)

When you click the [Launch] button, it is now possible to execute every tests of an iteration thanks to the [Run with OER] button or the [Execute] button.

✓ Technical improvements: attachments are no longer duplicated in the database when you copy and paste elements

This improvement prevents your database from being overloaded with identical elements when you copy/paste a requirement, a test case or an execution that includes attachments.

✓ Performance improvements: the report generation time has been optimised

✓ Connector: the bugtracker credentials of each user are now saved 

It is now possible to configure an automatic connection to bugtrackers as to avoid having to systematically enter your credentials.

Squash 1.20 can save your bugtracker login credentials automatically

✓ API Enhancement: see the documentation here

✓ TM-TF Link: datasets are automatically transmitted when an automated test case is executed

When an automated test case is executed, the selected dataset used for this execution is directly transmitted to Squash TF as a JSON file.

✓ TM-TF Link: the .feature files in GIT are organized in with the same test tree structure as in Squash TM

GIT files are now systematically organised in file/subfiles just like in the Squash tree structure.

✓ Compatibility: Squash is now compatible with Jira 8 and Redmine 4

It should also be noted that Squash TM 1.20 is only compatible with versions 5.7.17 and + of MySQL and will not support MySQL 8.0 or any newer version.

Download Squash TM 1.20

Squash TM release note

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