Squash TM 1.14.0 is now available

Mis à jour : 17 juin 2020

The 1.14.0 version from Squash TM is available for download. Its main enhancement (not to be noticed by the users) is t is to implement JPA in Squash's code, to keep the internal architecture of the software uptodate.

Here are the new (number is the Mantis one) evolutions and functionnalities brought by the &.14 version :

  • New report: iteration report (commercial licence)

  • New report: campaign report (commercial licence)

  • 5416: Show a dashboard on the homepage

  • 5421: Copy/Cut/Paste/Move a chart in the tree

  • 5470: Show a button [Create a new version] when the requirement is bound to a locked milestone

  • 5488: Export a chart as a picture

  • 5489: Import XLSM files 

  •        : Drag'n'drop to add elements in the lists out of the library (requirements bound to a test case, for exemple)

  • 6084: Setting MySQL in InnoDB mode at the start of Squash's installation

  • 6160: The "back" button in the test steps attachements brings back to the test steps tab ot the test case

  • 6223: Add a columnin in the executions table, giving the %age of test steps OK

  • 6229: Users in the drom down list box to be assigned to a Mantis issue shown in the alphabetic ordre6275: Perimeter of the data in a chart enhanced 

  •        : A message warns the user if he tries to save a data set with no name 

  •        : It's now possible to cretae a new version of a requirement bound to to a locked milestone.

And several bugs corrections. Among them:

  • 5380: Remove a user who created a milestone doesn't generate an error 500

  • 5480: The simulation of the imports now behaves the same way as the import will do

  • 6062: Better performance for the handling of known issues

  • 6081: [Custom report: user ne peut être supprimé si a créé un graphique

  • 5380: A user who created a custom chart can be removed

  • 6085: Autoconnection to the bugtracker repaired

  • 6148: Display the dataset when a test case is included in a test case

  • 6156: Objects created at 00:00 (in case of imports for example) are not looked upon as beeing created the day before

  • 6209: Milestones are takeninto account when adding a folder to an execution plan

  • 6217: Cmapaign screen was sometimes empty after clicking on "Back"

  • 6231: A message is displayed if you create a dataset with a name already existing

  • 6235: No more problem while displaying the tags in the "bugtracker" block of the project management screen, when the squash project is bound to several bugtracker projects

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