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Squash TM 1.19.0 is out!

Squash TM 1.19.0 new release is available for download.

This version contains new features such as:


  • New Automation Workspace: to manage test cases eligible for automation with an automation workflow. It has two views, a functional tester view and an automated test writer view. The functional tester can select test cases eligible for automation and the automated test writer can indicate their automation status.

  • New "Automated test writer" profile for automation

  • Create a test case tree structure form requirements: the test cases created will automatically have the name, the reference and the description of the requirements they have been created from. Their weight will match the requirements criticality. A link is automatically created between the requirements and the test cases.

  • Mass association between requirements: it is now possible to link at once several requirements to another requirement

  • Link requirements and test cases: the tree structure remains open as it was during the previous association

  • Add "Requirements verified" information at the step 0 of an execution and the execution consultation page

  • Predefined colors for default lists in custom charts: the default lists items will always have the same color when creating charts

  • Associate a color to a custom list item or to a custom field "dropdown list" item for custom charts: the selected colors will be displayed in the custom chart created with these attributes

  • Add custom fields to folders in Requirements, Test cases and Campaign workspaces

  • Reorganization of the "Custom fields" tab of a project

  • New export option for search results: to export search results with XLS format as they are displayed in the search results page

  • Projects from the last research remain selected for a new search

  • New research criteria for requirements on links between requirement and for test cases on their automation eligibility and status


  • Links between Jira issues can be converted into links between Squash requirements with a new mapping and can be synchronized in Squash

  • Automatic link in Jira between an issue reported in Squash and a synchronized Jira user story if the issue is linked to an execution of a test case that verifies this user story (Pro License, SquashBT.Jira is mandatory).

LDAP/AD (Premium License):

  • Connection from several sources: it is now possible to connect to Squash with users known by LDAP (or AD) or by Squash (locally)

Git connector:

  • Git connector is a new plugin to integrate Squash TM with Git for the automation of Gherkin test cases created in Squash. It is possible to transmit (push) Gherkin test cases in a Git source code manager

And smaller enhancements as well as numerous corrections within the whole application.


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