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New Squash Training Courses for 2020-2021

Retrouvez le calendrier des formations Squash mettant en avant le test management et l'automatisation, l'Agile et le DevOps

Squash Training Courses have been redesigned to better answer your needs. Whether you want to manage your tests manually, in Agile mode or using Squash automation components, our training team supports and guides you through short training courses (1 to 3 days). The courses are optimized thanks to the trainers' experience. Besides the redesigned training courses, brand new courses are available for the 2020/2021

season: learn to monitor testing projects with Squash TM, to use Squash to integrate your tests in your DevOps pipeline, or to master Squash deployment and technical management.

The training courses are currently provided in French only by the Software Quality School ("Ecole de la Qualité Logicielle"). Please contact us if you will need an English version of the sessions.


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