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Discontinued support for MariaDB 10.5 and earlier with Squash TM 5.0

Squash TM 5.0 is not compatible with MariaDB versions 10.5 and earlier and with MySQL

Due to dependency update, the next version of Squash TM, version 5.0 scheduled for late February 2023, will no longer be compatible with MariaDB 10.5 and earlier.

If you are using Squash TM with one of these MariaDB versions, we recommend that you upgrade to MariaDB 10.6 before considering an upgrade to Squash TM 5.0.

As a reminder, Squash TM is not compatible with MySQL since version 4.0.0 available since this summer.

If you are still using MySQL on a previous version of Squash TM and you want to upgrade to 4.+ or 5.0, we recommend you to migrate your Squash TM database to MariaDB or PostgreSQL.

The migration from MySQL to MariaDB is natural because of the proximity of the both tools. To guide you in this process, you can refer to the MariaDB documentation on this subject. We recommend MariaDB version 10.6.

The migration MySQL towards PostgreSQL 13 is possible but more complex. We propose a paying service for the realization of this migration. If you are interested, please contact your Henix account manager (either directly with your sales contact if you have a Squash Premium license, or via this link).


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