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New categories in our Squashtest Forum

Les utilisateurs de la version open source Squash peuvent échanger autour des nouvelles fonctionnalités de la suite

The Squashtest Forum evolves to best meet your needs and take into account our Squash offer new details. As a result, 4 new categories have been created and added to the 2 pre-existing categories: "Introduce yourself" and "SKF + IDE plugins". No messages have been deleted. Here is a tree view for the new categories and sub-categories: Test management* --> Requirements --> Test cases --> Campaigns --> Management --> Administration --> Bugtrackers  --> Xsquash* --> Installation & Database Automated tests* --> Automation workspace*       --> Workflow*  --> Runners*       --> Junit*      --> Cucumber*       --> Robot Framework*  Integration in a factory* --> Squash Execution Server --> Test cases - Automated tests link --> API Rest Test Management* Community Management* --> Contributions  --> General questions --> Ask for new features* * new categories Access the Forum


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