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Migrating Squash repositories from Mercurial to Git

L'équipe Squash a décidé de migrer ses dépôts de Mercurial à Git pour continuer à héberger ses sources sur Bitbucket

Following Atlassian's decision to remove Mercurial support from Bitbucket Cloud and its API in favor of Git (more info here:, the Squash Team has also chosen to migrate its repositories from Mercurial to Git as to continue hosting its sources on Bitbucket.

As a result, we encourage everyone working on copied Squash sources to be prepared for this transition as well, so that they can continue to use new codes in the future.

From now on, you can find the Squash repository URL (versioned under Git) here:

In order to offer you a better visibility, we also took this opportunity to clean up the history of our repositories: you will find all released versions since version 1.17, previous versions having been removed.

In case you would like to find these old versions, please note that they are still available if you clone the old Mercurial repository via the old address:

This link will remain active until the end of May 2020.


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