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Discover Squash On Demand

Squash On Demand vous permet de prendre en main Squash et Jira Cloud gratuitement pour une durée de 30 jours

A new Squash On Demand offer was launched in September. It is a great opportunity to try Squash and Jira Cloud free of charge, on a dedicated instance for up to 10 users, for 30 days.

To try Squash On Demand, you just have to fill out this quick form. Once the 30-day trial is over, you can either purchase the package that suits you best or extend your trial by connecting Squash to your Jira.

Please note that this offer applies to Jira Cloud only. To interface Squash and Jira Server, you can use Xsquash, a free plugin, downloadable on the Atlassian marketplace and testable online by following our tutorial.


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