Behaviour Driven Development with Squash

You have adopted agile working practices with a BDD approach.

You need a solution to design, automate and execute your scenarios.

Define, share, implement and execute your Gherkin scenarios with Squash.

Define Gherkin scenarios 

Squash allows you to define your Gherkin scenarios by directly linking them with your user stories.

Scenario writing is made easier thanks to syntax highlighting, syntax checking, database management, help and quick insertion of scenarios that let all users have ready access to this feature. 

Share your scenarios with developers in Jira

If you use Jira, these scenarios are directly searchable in the Jira consultation page of the linked user story, thanks to the Xsquash plugin. 

Implement keywords to automate your scenarios

From your Gherkin scenario, Squash can generate a .feature file in a source manager (GIT). The .feature file includes a keyword skeleton to be implemented by an automation engineer (or developers).

Automation engineer will be able to implement .feature keywords in a development tool (Eclipse, IntelliJ…). Then, you have the possibility to exploit these implementations by reusing these keywords in other scenarios. 

Execute Gherkin scenarios 

If you choose manual execution, as long as the Gherkin scenario is not automated, Squash presents an interface to upgrade Gherkin scenarios execution.

If you choose automated execution, Squash allows you to manage execution campaigns and generate results reports. Automated execution may be launched from Squash interface or thanks to the Rest API.​

Squash aggregates test execution results, tabulated in summarized dashboards from which you can consult details of each execution. Squash makes easier anomaly reporting into the linked bugtracker (learn more). 

                  An integrated solution, suited to each contributor included in the feature team (the Product Owner, automation engineers, developers and testers).
                A unique and effective tool to manage your validation tests and your non-regression tests.




Test out on our demo instance.

1. Click here to access Squash

2. Enter

  • login: Xsquash

  • password: password

3. Go into the Test Cases workspace (navigation bar on the left-hand side, 2nd button).

4. In the tree structure, click on the “Xsquash - Bac à sable” project.

5. Click on the [+], then [New Gherkin test case...]

6. Let's go!

Try on your own instance: 

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