Squash TM 1.15.0 is out!

Mis à jour : 17 juin 2020

Squash TM 1.15.0 new release is available for download.

This version contains new features such as:

  • Dashboard in 'Requirements' workspace: as it already exists for 'Test case' and 'Campaign' workspaces, it is now possible to display a dashboard in 'Requirements' workspace with charts about orphan requirements, status, criticality, whether there is a description or not, coverage rate by criticality and  validation rate of associated test cases by criticality.

  • Custom dashboard in workspaces: a custom dashboard (created in 'Management' workspace) can be displayed in 'Requirements', 'Test case' and 'Campaign' workspaces instead of the default dashboard.

  • Redesign of 'Management' workspace wizard: the first two steps of the chart creation wizard have been redesigned. The first step is now only about chart perimeter choice (more choices available) and the second step is about entities and attributes selection. Depending on the chosen perimeter, charts datas will adapt to the selection when they are moved into another project.

  • Custom fiels in 'Management' workspace: charts can be created with custom fields as attributes.

  • New numeric custom field: including negative and floating point numbers.

  • Call a test case with drag'n drop: it is now possible to call a test case with a drag'n drop mecanism as it already exists for requirements - test cases or test cases - campaigns association.

  • Plugin AD / LDAP (commercial license): automatic connection to the bugtracker (if Squash TM and the bugtracker credentials are the same) works when AD or LDAP plugins are set up.

  • And smaller enhancements as well as numerous corrections within the whole application.

In this new Squash TM release, the logging library has been upgraded from Log4j to Log4j2. To upgrade Squash TM, logging configuration file and Squash TM startup script must be updated. Full procedures are detailled on the Wiki 'Installation guide' section.

Dashboards are automatically updated by Squash to track the progress of your acceptance testing

Squash allows you to create a personalized dashboard adapted to your monitoring needs during your testing process

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