Squash offer evolves for BDD test case implementation

Mis à jour : 15 déc. 2020

You work (or plan to work) in agile with a BDD approach thanks to a tool that allows you to define, automate and execute your scenarios? Squash can meet your needs.

Indeed, from the version 1.22*, Squash offers you a new intuitive interface to write your scripts and provides you with an action library that will constitute your scenarios**.

You will thus be able to define and maintain a common vocabulary shared between the different actors of your test projects and share your Cucumber or Robot Framework implementations.

Squash allows you to:

Formalize scenarios based on Gherkin syntax that will describe in detail, with examples, the expected behaviors. It is also possible to formalize your BDD scenarios by attaching them directly to the US that you will have defined (in Jira via Xsquash).

Make these scenarios available to all contributors (in Squash and in Jira via Xsquash).

Build an Action Library** that will help you write and maintain scenarios by giving you the freedom to:

  • add and delete actions

  • manage the parameters of each action

  • list test cases using the action

  • consult and modify information on the implementation of the action

Implement and execute these scenarios with Cucumber or Robot Framework.

*Expected release in December 2020

**Available in December 2020 with the Action Library plugin included in the Premium version of Squash Autom

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