Squash 2019 Survey – Experience feedback, in figures

Mis à jour : 17 sept. 2020

The last 6 months of 2019, a brief questionnaire had been available for you to share your

feedback about Squash evolving products.

The following report only includes answers from people who completed the whole survey. Results are thus not necessarily a reflection of what the entire Squash community thinks.

For your information, in 2019, Squash and/or its components had been downloaded:

- 4,500 times/month for test management

- 180 times/month for test automation

And Xsquash had been downloaded 60 times/month via the Atlassian Marketplace.

Here is the summary of the survey, backed up with figures:

Which Squash product(s) do you use?

96% of participants are using a relatively new version of Squash

(v.1.18 was released in July, 2018).

Squash and Jira users

100% of participants using Squash with Jira use Jira as a bugtracker.

Half of them also use Xsquash (which was released in July 2018).

How many people do use Squash in your company?

Nearly half of participants are working in teams with few testers (less than 25).

Which bugtracker(s) do you use?

Jira is still the most frequently used bugtracker when testing with Squash.

It may be noted that every participant who is using Mantis works with teams of less

than 100 users.

Do you use the Squash Requirement Workspace?

The Squash Requirement workplace is widely used (86% of participants use it).

In which context(s) do you use Squash ?

Regarding work environments, answers are rather balanced between people

working in a Waterfall context and those working with an Agile methodology.

For your information, 35% of participants working with Agile are using Xsquash.

Do you automate tests?

Squash provides an interesting alternative for test automation as 30% of

participants who automate their tests are doing it with Squash.

Which automation tool(s) / language(s) / framework(s) do you use?

(among participants practicing automated testing)

Squash users use several automation technologies: programming language, studio, keywords, and more

Among participants practicing automated testing, the keyword approach is quite

used, almost as commonly as language programming methods (41% vs 52%).

Which studio(s) do you use?

(among participants using automation studios)

Participants who are using studio(s) for automated scripts mostly use UFT or


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