Squash 1.22 features in details

Squash version 1.22 was released in early January, it offers new features for the Squash TM and Squash AUTOM modules. Discover them in pictures:

Squash AUTOM module

Management of test cases in BDD format

This new test case format allows the user to formalize scenarios using a simple and intuitive interface.

The BDD test cases format are characterized by their test steps based on Gherkin syntax and are composed of a keyword followed by an action.

When writing the test steps, the user is suggested actions already used in other test cases and which correspond to what he has entered*. The actions can therefore be reused and shared between test cases from different projects, thus facilitating their writing and maintenance.

The actions can contain variable parts which will be valued within the test steps by free values or by the parameters of the test case which can then be declined in data sets.

BDD test steps can also contain data tables, docstrings and comments.

✓ Action word library workspace*

This new workspace, accessible via a plugin, allows to visualize and manage all the actions present in a BDD test case, in order to build a coherent repository based on a common vocabulary. From this workspace, it is possible to consult the test cases using an action and the information related to its implementation.

The features of this workspace are available in a Rest API which is included in the Action Library plugin.

✓ Export of scripts associated with BDD test cases according to the target implementation

Scripts associated with BDD test cases can be exported or passed to the automation engineer via the Git plugin. Its format depends on the target implementation technology, set at the Squash project level. The choice of technology (Cucumber or Robot Framework) has no impact for the user when writing the test cases, Squash takes care of converting the script to the right format (.feature or .robot) by adding the elements specific to each language.

✓ Consultation of the automated suites

At the level of iterations and test suites, a new tab displays the history of the automated suites (set of automated tests launched at the same time).

For each automated suite, the user can view the overall execution status, the details of the tests executed and access the execution report for all the tests.

✓ Suite cleaning-up and automated executions

A new menu allows the administrator to bulk delete suites and automated executions prior to a time set at the level of each project.

Squash TM module

✓ Xsquash4Jira

It is now possible to configure the Xsquash4Jira plugin through an API Rest included in the Xsquash4Jira plugin (requires the API Administration plugin).

✓ Xsquash (Server and Cloud)

The latest version of Xsquash supports the display of test cases in BDD format.

Test automation status and data set names have also been added to the "Squash TM Test Cases" and "Squash TM Executions" tabs, respectively.

✓ Administration API**

Squash functional administration features are now available in a dedicated Rest API.

*These features are accessible via a plugin included in the Squash AUTOM Premium license.

**These features are accessible via a plugin included in the Squash TM Premium license.

Download Squash 1.22 and its release note

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