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Synchronize Squash, your test management solution, with Jira,
the development tool #1 for Agile teams

Squash On Premise
+ Jira Data Center

  • All the features and services
    of the J
    ira Data Center version

  • Support for Squash-Jira synchronization according
    to your context

Squash SaaS
+ Jira Cloud

  • All the features and services
    of the Jira Cloud Standard version

  • Squash and Jira seamlessly interconnected

  • Squash datahosting guaranteed in France by Henix (the Squash publisher)


Squash interfaces with Jira for defect management, automation and testing in Agile mode
Jira Software interconnects with Squash to allow you to follow the progress of a test process from Jira
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Features available, not eligible for Squash Support

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Features included in the offer

Henix is Atlassian Gold Partner to propose products of the Atlassian suite adapted to your needs
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