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Discontinued support for MySQL, PostgreSQL 9 and Java 8 with Squash TM 4.0

Starting with Squash TM version 4.0, MySQL, PostgreSQL 9 and Java 8 will no longer be supported

With the release of the next version of Squash TM 4.0.0, scheduled for the end of S1 2022, the version of Java and the drivers for connection to PostgreSQL and MariaDB databases are updated.

As a result of choices imposed by these tools, Squash TM 4.0.0 will not be compatible with:

  • MySQL regardless of its version

  • MariaDB 10.1

  • PostgreSQL 9 (as a reminder, PostgreSQL 10 is also not supported)

  • Java 8 (Java installed on the machine hosting Squash TM)

If you are using Squash with one of these versions, we recommend you to upgrade your tools - or to migrate in the case of MySQL - before considering an upgrade to Squash TM version 4.0.

If you are in this case, here are our recommendations by tools:


To replace your MySQL, you will have to migrate your Squash TM database to MariaDB or PostgreSQL.

The migration from MySQL to MariaDB is done naturally thanks to the proximity of the two tools. To guide you in this process, you can refer to the MariaDB documentation on this subject: We recommend MariaDB version 10.5.

The migration from MySQL to PostgreSQL is possible but more complex. If you are interested, Henix can offer a service for this migration. Please contact us via this link:


To upgrade your PostgreSQL follow the recommendations of the PostgreSQL documentation:

We recommend an upgrade to at least version 11 of PostgreSQL or higher because versions 9 and 10 are not supported.


We recommend Java version 11 to install the next version of Squash TM. The tool is also compatible with OpenJDK.


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