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Squash User Club: Latest news and future developments

Le Club Utilisateurs Squash a mis en avant des composants pour l'automatisation de tests et l'implémentation Gherkin

On the 6th of June, about 60 people came to attend the Squash User Club.

Numerous and fruitful exchanges took place and we answered your questions about:

• New Squash TF component releases providing greater possibilities for test automation

• Optimized management of .feature files to implement Gherkin test cases

Customized campaign exports from Squash TM

• Enhanced Squash TM reports

• The Squash TM graphic redesign to come

The Squash User Club was hosted by the Software Quality Club which lasted all day. Various presentations were displayed in the morning, and the “Build A Bot” workshop was organized in the afternoon by Automation Anywhere.

The next Squash User Club session should take place on Thursday, the 21st of November.

Ask for more information about the Club at


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