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Squash TM 1.16.0 is out!

Squash TM 1.16.0 new release is available for download.

This version contains new features such as:

  • Links between requirements versions: it is now possible to link requirements versions and define a type for this link. On the requirement consultation page, the new unit 'Linked requirements' allows to link requirements versions and displays the linked requirements versions. Link types can be customized in a new section of the administration workspace.

  • Last connection date: users last connection date and hour now displays in the users table and on each user details workspace.

  • Test suites in 'Execution followup' report: information about test suites have been added in the 'Test case list by campaign' tab in the 'Execution followup' report.

  • Issues in 'Campaign Report' and 'Iteration Report' (Premium License): issues information are now available in these reports if the project bugtracker is Jira or Redmine. The first part displays numbers of issues depending on their priority, status and type. The second part lists all the issues (like the 'Known issues' tab).

  • AD / LDAP plugin (Premium License): multiple domains authentication is now supported.

  • And smaller enhancements as well as numerous corrections within the whole application.

Squash is a test management tool allowing to link requirements together and to customize this link

Squash allows you to retrieve statistics on your defect reports in exportable reports


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