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Squash's version numbering is now evolving

Starting with the next major release of Squash TM, the Squash version numbering system will change

As of the next major version of Squash TM, the version numbering of Squash will be evolving.

This new version numbering aims to increase users' visibility on the nature of a version's evolutions and to make the compatibility between Squash TM's core versions and those of its plugins more explicit.

This new version numbering system now uses three numbers for each version: the first number corresponds with a major version, the second one a minor version, and the third one a patch version.

Plugins are numbered according to the core version of Squash TM they are compatible with:

  • For every major core version of Squash TM, there will be a major version of all its plugins, even if they do not have any new features;

  • If a plugin version is released independently from the core version of Squash TM, its first two numbers will include the major and minor versions of Squash TM compatible with the plugin.

With this new version numbering system, the next major version of Squash TM — to be released in November 2021 — will be version 3.0.0 (not version 2.2.0 as it would have been the case with the previous system). With this new version release, all the plugins will be in version 3.0.0 as well.

Squash TM's release cycle remains unchanged, so there will still be two major versions released each year.

Regarding Squash AUTOM and Squash DEVOPS, each release will contain a number of components that are all compatible with each other:

  • Squash TM plugins that will be named as explained above;

  • Components independent from Squash TM that will have their own version number and follow the same principles as the core of Squash TM (i.e., three numbers: major version, minor version, and patch version).

These monthly releases will be named in YYYY-MM format.

If you have any question related to this new version numbering system, you can read our dedicated FAQ here.


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