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Squash AUTOM-DEVOPS 2023-04 is available with dynamic configuration of hooks and pools

The Squash AUTOM and Squash DEVOPS 2023-04 delivery is available:

  • Squash Orchestrator now supports the dynamic modification of hooks and pools, it is no longer required to restart the Orchestrator: it will automatically detect that a hook or pool configuration has been modified and will apply the updated configuration.

  • JUnit support has been improved:

    • The output of the "mvn" command is fully logged in a file that is transferred with the other test reports in Squash TM. This will help the analysis of technical issues resulting into a Maven failure.

    • If the test plan refers a JUnit test which does not exist in the Git repository, this test will be reported as "blocked" in Squash TM and the remaining tests will be executed. (Previously, a test plan execution was ended when a test was missing.)

  • The Orchestrator Tools have additional command line parameters to filter the list of channels or the jobs and steps of a workflow (for more information, read the details in the "opentf-ctl" documentation). The "/channels" and "/workflows" endpoints also support the same filtering.

As a reminder, new versions of Squash AUTOM and DEVOPS are delivered monthly (except in August).

2023-05 should contain a first set of memory reduction improvements.

Every AUTOM/DEVOPS delivery contains several components having each one its own version numbers. You can view them in the Release Notes by version.


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