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Squash AUTOM-DEVOPS 2022-10 is available, adding the support of the newest(Java 11) Jenkins releases

The Squash AUTOM and Squash DEVOPS 2022-10 delivery is available.

This is a mostly maintenance delivery with few new features:

  • The Plugin for Jenkins has been ported to Java 11. This was necessary because Jenkins itself migrated to Java 11 (see announcement):

    • if you use Jenkins version 2.357 or later, you must use the Plugin for Jenkins 2.0.0 or later;

    • otherwise, you must use a version 1.x.y of the Plugin for Jenkins (which is compatible with versions 2.164.1 up to 2.356 of Jenkins).

  • The Plugin for Jenkins can now be configured with stepDepth and jobDepth set to 0 (as was already possible with opentf-ctl), meaning that jobs and steps will be displayed for any nested depth.

  • JUnit and Cucumber projects having a pom.xml file which is not at the root of the Git repository (this is especially the case of Git repositories containing multiple projects) are now supported. Both Squash Orchestrator and the Java Param Library must be updated in order to get this support.

  • An operator (~=) can now be used in PEaC expressions to test if a string matches a regular expression.

  • opentf-ctl further checks and reports incorrect arguments.

Several defects have been fixed. They are listed in the release notes.

As a reminder, new versions of Squash AUTOM and DEVOPS are delivered monthly (except in August). Due to the delay of the 2022-10 delivery, 2022-11 will be skipped. 2022-12 will also be a maintenance delivery.

Every AUTOM/DEVOPS delivery contains several components having each one its own version numbers. You can view them in the Release Notes by version.


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