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Squash AUTOM-DEVOPS 2022-09 : support of SoapUI, JUnit... and installation behind a reverse proxy

The Squash AUTOM and Squash DEVOPS 2022-09 delivery is available.

This delivery improves the support of some test technologies:

  • SoapUI tests can now be executed on Windows;

  • More types of JUnit tests are supported: @RepeatedTest, @ParameterizedTest, @TestFactory, and @TestTemplate (the support of @Nested tests is still not adequate, it should be completed in 2022-10);

  • An "extra-options" input has been added to Postman, so any Postman option can be provided in a PEaC file.

The orchestrator can now be configured to work properly when installed behind a reverse proxy. This configuration is done via environment variables described in the documentation.

Two new features are available for Squash DEVOPS users writing PEaC files and hooks:

  • PowerShell support has been added;

  • A hook can now access the inputs of the provider.

We initially intended to further reduce the memory footprint of the orchestrator. Our technical analysis found some options to lighten the memory consumption of Java micro-services, but they have a large impact. So, no changes have been performed in this new orchestrator release, they will instead be introduced in the coming months.

Many defects have been fixed. They are listed in the release notes.

On the documentation side, the two HowTos describing how to write BDD use cases and how to automate them with Robot Framework or with Cucumber have been translated in French:

As a reminder, new versions of Squash AUTOM and DEVOPS are delivered monthly (except in August). The 2022-10 delivery will be a maintenance release, fixing issues and containing a few improvements on JUnit and Cucumber.

Every AUTOM/DEVOPS delivery contains several components having each one their own version numbers. You can view them in the Release Notes by version.


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