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Squash AUTOM and Squash DEVOPS versions 1.1.0 available

Find all the information about the new version 1.1.0 of Squash AUTOM and DEVOPS

Squash AUTOM allows the execution of automated tests from Squash TM. Test results are reported in Squash TM and the history of all executions is kept.

The new version of Squash AUTOM, available since June 4th, adds support for Ranorex.

Thus, Squash AUTOM now supports the following automation frameworks:

  • Ranorex † : Web, mobile or desktop application testing

  • Agilitest † : Web, mobile or Windows application testing; Web Services testing

  • Cypress : Web application testing

  • Robot Framework : Generic testing framework driven by keywords and that can be integrated with many testing tools : Selenium to test a Web application, Appium for a mobile application, White for a Windows application, Swing/SWT for a Java application...

  • Cucumber : BDD (behavior-driven development) test execution, can be integrated with Selenium for Web tests, Appium for mobile tests...

  • SoapUI : Web Services testing

  • JUnit : Framework mainly intended for unit tests and integration tests, but can be used in combination with other tools (Selenium, Appium...) for functional tests

† only available in the Premium version.

All Squash AUTOM components are listed in this dedicated news and accessible from our Download page.

Squash DEVOPS allows the integration of automated tests managed in Squash TM in a continuous integration pipeline (Jenkins, GitLab, CloudBees, Circle CI...). It is thus possible to configure a step in the pipeline to retrieve an automated test plan, execute its tests and publish their results, notably in Squash TM.

A Jenkins plugin allows a simplified integration to the pipeline.

The supported test tools are the same as for Squash AUTOM.

The new version of Squash DEVOPS, also available since June 4th, gives a better visibility on the progress of the tests from the Jenkins plugin.

All Squash DEVOPS components are listed in this dedicated news and accessible from our Download page.

For more details, see our Squash AUTOM and Squash DEVOPS dedicated features pages.


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