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Evolution of the Squash offer as of January 1, 2021

L'offre Squash 2021, ce sont trois modules pour le management des tests, leur automatisation et le DevOps

From the beginning of 2021, the Squash offer evolves to be divided into three distinct products:

  • Squash TM, for management of test assets, based on the Squash TM current tool.

  • Squash Autom, for test automation functionalities

  • Squash DevOps, for integration of automated tests and their execution in a CI/CD chain.

The current Squash TF product is thus divided into two products (Squash Autom and Squash DevOps) to reinforce the compatibility of Squash with existing automation frameworks and to go further in the integration with DevOps chains.

The use of Squash, regardless of the product(s) chosen, is always based on :

  • a free and functional version (called Community version), or

  • a commercial version allowing access to advanced functionalities or specific connectors (called Premium version) and whose price varies according to the number of users

Customers benefiting from the commercial version of Squash TF will be offered the upgrade to the commercial versions of Squash Autom and DevOps at the same price.

For more details on the content of each offer, please visit our dedicated page:


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