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Benchmark Squash TM - Experience feedback from users

In 2017, the Squash team created a quick online survey to ask users some questions about their experience with Squash TM.

After further investigation, here are some findings to keep in mind about the Squash community and the users experience feedback.

All around the world, you are using Squash:

Squash, logiciel open source de gestion des tests logiciels, est utilisé en Europe, Amérique du Nord, Afrique et Asie


Squash releases used:

The version of Squash most used by users in 2017 was the 1.15 version
Almost 3/4 of respondents said they are knowing and using the newer Squash TM releases.


Number of users by instance: 

The number of Squash users averaged between 21 and 250 users per instance in 2017
Almost one third of Squash TM instances are comprised of 250 users at least.


Number of projects by instance: 

Find the number of projects per instance on Squash counted during a survey carried out in 2017
15% of respondents have at least 500 projects by instance.


Average use for a Squash TM instance:

Average number of test cases, requirements and executions done per instance according to a survey on Squash launched in 2017
65% of respondents are not using requirements.


Used Bugtrackers: 

The most used bugtrackers with Squash in 2017 are Jira and Mantis ahead of RTC and Redmine
JIRA is by far the most common bugtracker.


Size of Squash TM data base: 

The majority of the instances created on Squash in 2017 were between 500 MB and 10 GB in size
And only 37% of respondents know the size of their database in their Squash instance.


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