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AUTOM-DEVOPS 2023-10 is available, reducing memory consumption and publishing quality gate results.

Our effort for reducing the memory consumption, for both the Squash Orchestrator image and the Premium services image, is, at last, reaching an important milestone: all our Java microservices are now ported to Micronaut enabling a faster startup and, more importantly, reducing the memory footprint: Squash Orchestrator now requires 1.5 GB (this was 5GB one year ago) and the Premium Services 0.5GB (this was 2GB). This technology migration has been much more painful than initially expected. The late 2023-10 delivery is yet another symptom of the difficulties we met. This migration should be fully transparent for the Squash AUTOM/DEVOPS users.

This delivery adds the publication of the quality gate result as a note and, optionally, as a label in a GitLab merge request or issue. The Squash DEVOPS documentation gives some examples of configuring such publication in the GitLab CI/CD pipeline.

To give an overview of the whole feature, here is a summary of the whole workflow:

  • A devops configures the execution of a test plan (defined in Squash) and of the quality gate for the merge requests in the CI/CD pipeline (.gitlab-ci.yml file).

  • The test team has now full ownership of the tests that should be ran on each merge request. It can, in Squash, add or remove tests as the project progresses, more features are implemented, the quality criteria evolve…

  • Every time a developer proposes a merge request to modify the code base, it is validated against these tests. Once the tests have been run and the quality gate has been evaluated, a comment is added to the merge request (this is very similar for other gates such as SonarCloud). Labels indicating the quality gate result can also be added, facilitating quick identification of failed merge requests.

A new endpoint orchestrator endpoint has been added for retrieving test reports. The Orchestrator tools have been completed to exploit this endpoint: “opentf-cp” can be used to retrieve a report. This feature will be further improved in the next release to simplify the recording of reports as artifacts of a GitLab CI/CD pipeline.

Due to the delayed delivery, 2023-11 will be canceled. 2023-12 should bring the following features: the simple attachment of test reports to GitLab pipelines, the ability to add parameters from Squash to the command line used to launch tests, and the upgrade from Micronaut 3 to 4.

Every AUTOM/DEVOPS delivery contains several components having each one its own version number. You can view them in the Release Notes by version.


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