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2024-01 delivery, with a simplified Orchestrator deployment

a version 4.0 de Squash TM est disponible en téléchargement.  Cette version comporte notamment l'Intégration avec GitLab en contexte agile

This new delivery contains a Squash Orchestrator consisting of a single Docker image. Instead of being in a separate image, the Squash Ultimate exclusive micro-services are now integrated in the main Squash Orchestrator image. They will be started only if a license file is bound to the container and that file contains an Ultimate license.

As already mentioned in a previous news, this image is now signed.

These improvements will simplify the deployment and help ensure its security.

On the functional aspects, several features have been added:

  • JUnit @Nested tests are supported. This JUnit feature enables the grouping of test cases within a hierarchy, allowing for shared setup code and an organization reflecting the relationship between the tests.

  • The Orchestrator can be pinged or requested in dry-run mode. This can be used to test new deployments and monitor the Orchestrator, or check if a workflow is correct or not.

  • The Orchestrator logs are configurable (step depth, job depth, maximum length).

We continued to reduce the memory usage by adding service aggregators.

Given the delayed delivery, there will be no 2024-02.

2024-03 will still be focused on Squash Orchestrator, bringing a new HTML report giving an overview of the whole test iteration or suite (this report is aiming at replacing Allure in the mid-term) and still reducing the memory usage.


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