Since 2011, Squash is published
by Henix, pure player
in the Software Quality industry 

Henix is a French independent IT services company, gathering more than 200 employees with a Software Quality expertise. 

Our mission is to support our clients by checking the technical and functional quality of their applications, developed by external integrators or in agile mode. During our external QA missions, we realized open source offers had poor ergonomics and tended to be restricted to small accounts while commercial offers were likely to be expensive and far too complicated. We wanted to do our part to change that.

In 2011, to initially meet our own needs, we have developed the ideal qualification tool for our external QA missions: Squash TM. From the start up till 2013, the FUI (French Unique Interministerial Funds), the Systematic competitiveness cluster, the Ile-de-France region and the 92 General Council supported us for the project initiation phase. Since then, we have been building a user community and upgrading the tool thanks to self-funding and revenues from our license sales. 

In 2012Squash TA came from the need for an open source tool that would be dedicated to test automation and the industrialization of test executions. Squash TA is compatible with several automation tools such as Selenium. It handles test automation for web applications, web services and batch scripts.


In 2019, Squash TA expanded its offer and became Squash TF, a new software suite dedicated to automated test implementation and execution throughout development cycles and delivery processes. Covering a wide range of practices (various testing frameworks, keyword and BDD approach) and test technologies (HCI, web services, fat clients), Squash TF provides suited solutions for every actors involved in automation projects (developers, automation engineers, integrators).

From now on, Squash includes all these components (Squash TM, Squash TF and their plugins) in order to offer a complete management solution regarding test assets, test automation and test implementation in CI/CD pipelines.

Squash is widely distributed in its open source version, with more than 4,000 downloads per month worldwide. It is commonly used in its commercial version in France and starts to expand in Europe and in the United States via major companies and IT companies. 

Software Quality Club 

Since 2006, Henix has been taking part in the French Software Quality landscape by hosting the Software Quality Club which aims at gathering the major experts so that they can share their news, issues and experiences with Software Quality.

Throughout the numerous (more than 30) sessions that have been held until now, the Club has been a great opportunity for more and more users of Squash to discuss during the Squash User Club. 

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