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Three modules for your test tooling

Squash is a suite of tools to design, automate, run and industrialize your tests.
Thanks to its open source-based core, the solution is modular and easily integrated.
It adapts to all your project contexts: V-cycle , Agile as well as agility at SAFe scale.

Squash TM
Manage and monitor your functional testing process in agile or traditional mode with Squash TM


Squash TM is a full web application for test asset management. Its philosophy and ergonomics provide you with a framework structuring your workflow according to the state of the art, including TMAP and ISTQB.

With Squash TM, you will be able to:

⬣ Reconcile agility and sustainability by managing a test asset using structured
repositories that can be shared between projects.

⬣ Organize, plan, and execute your manual tests with full traceability, from requirements
to anomalies*.

⬣ Manage all phases of your testing process.

⬣ Simplify your workflow by interfacing Squash TM and Jira and/or GitLab.

Test in Agile with Squash and Jira and get a traceability from start to finish regarding user stories, epics, executions or bugs



Learn how to interface Squash TM and Azure DevOps for bug reporting


Squash Test Management and Redmine help you handle requirements, tests, anomalies, throughout the software life cycle


Test with Squash and follow up bug fixing from Squash to Tuleap bugtracker for an optimized software quality assurance


Manage testing with Squash and report bugs from Squash to the open source bugtracker Mantis


Report anomalies from Squash to Bugzilla bugtracker and monitor the testing cycle from beginning to end to ensure QA


Ensure the continuity of your work between Squash TM and your testing solution under Rational Quality Manager (RTC)


Use the free connector plugin between Squash TM and GitLab to report bugs from Squash to GitLab

* Third party tools that can be interfaced with Squash TM